The Manor by Sally Ferla

The Manor by Sally FerlaThe Manor is a work of BDSM erotica by Sally Ferla that exposes readers to the complex mistress/slave discipline.

Jennifer and her mistress, a wealthy businesswoman, have committed to living the mistress/slave lifestyle, which has suffered lately due to Jennifer’s willful disobedience. In an effort to save their relationship, Jennifer’s mistress leaves her at an etiquette academy called the Manor. Unbeknownst to Jennifer, the mistress of the Manor is a psychiatrist who operates the Manor as a medical asylum – one to which Jennifer has just committed herself. Jennifer’s new life consists of slave etiquette training, each leading to harsh corrections by the “intendants” who oversee her. Learning how to be a proper life slave suddenly becomes a daunting quest for survival…

Jennifer’s complex relationship with the beautiful Nadia gives The Manor some heart, and the plot offers an interesting setting to explore BDSM. However, Ferla’s story is otherwise rife with redundant descriptions of the intendants’ uniforms and the state of the Manor’s various rooms, which serve to weigh down the story. Similarly, while references to spankings, physical restraints, and assaults on the body are meant to show Jennifer’s psychological and emotional degradation, these references are nevertheless overused, dimming their narrative impact.

Fewer descriptions and better pacing would make The Manor a much more compelling read, but there is an interesting story at the book’s core, offering a more ambitious take on traditional erotica fare.