The Story of Evil – Volume I: Heroes of the Siege by Tony Johnson

The Story of Evil - Volume I: Heroes of the Siege

In the tradition of classic fantasy, the first volume of The Story of Evil by Tony Johnson is a remarkably creative and engaging novel that introduces readers to a new world of magical creatures, noble heroes, and sinister monsters.

When the capital of the kingdom, Celestial, is attacked by savage monsters in the midst of a jousting tournament, the balance of good and evil takes a shift towards darkness. Three young adventurers – Ty, Steve and Kari – must rise to the occasion, far beyond their youthful experience, to protect the home they love and turn the tide against the Hooded Phantom and Zebulon’s evil forces.

Unlike many fantasy novels, this isn’t a long-winded saga detailing a months-long journey, but rather a snapshot of heroism within a single battle for the city of Celestial. The three core characters essentially have the fate of the world resting in their hands, yet they show maturity and believable bravery throughout the book. The intense action scenes, riveting twists and malevolent villains buttress the plot and keep the pages flipping.

The book does veer too often towards telling and not showing in terms of world building, but Johnson has created an exciting new world nonetheless with endless space to expand. With a cliffhanger ending, Heroes of the Siege offers much to look forward to in this promising new fantasy series.