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Review: A Cat Out of Egypt by C. L. Francisco

A Cat Out Of Egypt

C. L. Francisco’s, A Cat Out of Egypt, is an imaginative and thoughtful tale about Jesus’ years in Egypt. The narrator is Miw, also called ‘Daughter of Fire’ by her people. And she’s a cat. This novel is the prequel to The Gospel According to Yeshua’s Cat (reviewed here by SPR). Miw is an Egyptian cat from the temple Bubastis. ... Read More »

Review: Ambril’s Tale: Riding the Cursed Shoots by Wendy D. Walter

ambrils tale

Wendy D. Walter’s Ambril’s Tale: Riding the Cursed Shoots (Book Two) is a delightful story for readers of all ages. The author’s wry sense of humor, distinctive characters, and charming story weave a spell over the reader creating such a wonderful experience that many won’t want to put the book down until they turn the last page. Ambril Derwyn has ... Read More »

Review: Walking Up A Slide by Daley James Francis

Walking up a Slide

Dumped years ago by his college sweetheart Lila, and slightly lazy in his job going nowhere as a local hotel waiter in the same town he grew up in, Jason Chapman embarks on a quest chasing The One That Got Away when Lila sends him a wedding invite. With no “plus one” to take along, he must spring into action ... Read More »

Review: The Red by Aiden Riley

The Red by Aiden Riley

In the north of England, in the year 2020, scientific breakthroughs by companies such as ‘L Max’ lead to a new dawn of agriculture, where food would show great changes and never spoil when properly treated by their products. Whether this was the reason that the people and animals of Earth quickly turned to what the survivors would refer to ... Read More »

Review: On The Money by Tariq Saleim

On The Money

On The Money by Tariq Saleim is a thoughtful story with an interesting theme: The power and balance of money. What is it that makes those from affluent backgrounds take so much for granted, while others work so hard and get nowhere in life? What happens when you have more money than you could possibly need? Asad starts his day ... Read More »