Book Reviews

Review: The Ituni Experience by Forbes Skinner


Have you ever met someone who has almost accidentally cut off his leg with a chainsaw, set himself on fire trying to light a cigarette, who was thrown from a tractor, and lived to tell about it? Meet Forbes Skinner, author of The Ituni Experience: The Trials of a Chainsaw Logger. In his memoir, Skinner comes across as a very ... Read More »

Review: The Daughter of the Sea and the Sky by David Litwack

Daughter of the Sea and Sky

David Litwack’s novel, The Daughter of the Sea and the Sky, is a moving tale that revolves around love, hope, and redemption. The novel starts out with Helena Brewster. Her father recently passed away and in an attempt to feel closer to him she decides to sit near the ocean where he used to take her. While there she sees ... Read More »

Review: Mystery and Misadventure – An Old Acquaintance by M.D. Hall

Mystery and Misadventure – An Old Acquaintance by M.D. Hall

Mystery and Misadventure – An Old Acquaintance by M.D. Hall – a sequel to Mystery and Misadventure, though largely independent – is a collection of fictional short stories where things are not quite as they seem. Each short tale focuses on characters who find themselves crossing from the world we know into their own unusual circumstances ranging from the strangely ... Read More »

Review: Faraday by Mark Lingane

Faraday by Mark Lingane

Continuing from Book 2 of the Tesla Evolution series – Decay – Faraday further tells the story of a war between cyborgs and their technological dependence and supremacy, and the humans relying on their final aces-in-the-hole in their steam-crafts and near-magical abilities in the Dystopic wasteland that houses the last surviving knowable life on Earth. Our hero Sebastian – though ... Read More »

Review: Alethea by Jesse Arnold

Alethea by Jesse Arnold

Alethea Cooper considers herself a practical and average high-school girl, if a world-class gymnast on her way to the Olympics. Sixteen and already focused on her career, her life takes a hard turn as a car accident leaves her wheelchair-bound. Through her slow and painful discovery she begins to learn that there’s more to life than just her career as ... Read More »