Book Reviews

Review: IQ plus EQ: The Arrow and the Hoisting Crane by Feliciano Bantilan

IQ plus EQ

Feliciano Bantilan, a veteran stock investor and physicist by training, was struck down by Parkinson’s disease, leaving him unable to work. Lucky for us, however, he has turned his hand to penning exceptional advice for young people interested in approaching the stock market with a new kind of acumen: applying IQ plus EQ.  He says, IQ refers to intelligence as ... Read More »

Review: The Arrival (Ascension Book 1) by Dakota Kemp

The Arrival by Dakota Kemp

The Arrival (Ascension Book 1) is a fantasy epic by Dakota Kemp that tells the story of several figures in the world of Vrold, where war has begun to tear its peoples apart when brutal attacks spring out and turn up tensions and open old wounds between city-states. As battle rears its ugly head, heroes – likely and not – ... Read More »

Review: Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook by Helen Sedwick


Each year more and more authors have opted to self-publish. Many of them probably read a how-to guide before venturing into self-publishing. There are many handbooks that are insightful, informative, and helpful. Yet, when a certain topic comes up, most of the authors say that they can’t give any advice since they aren’t experts. What’s the topic? Legal issues. A ... Read More »

Review: Tesla by Mark Lingane


A thousand years in the future, we follow Sebastian, a young teenager living in the quiet and rural remains of a pocket of civilization after an ancient nuclear apocalypse. As a strange sickness takes his father and consumes his mother, he is left in servitude of his selfish aunt and cut off from the brilliant mind of a teacher, sharing ... Read More »

Review: The Art of Troubleshooting by Jason Maxham

The Art of Troubleshooting Review

Jason Maxham, one of life’s polymaths, has put together a system to troubleshoot and fix just about any breakdown. Interviewing engineers, mechanics, mathematicians and IT experts, Maxham firstly philosophizes on the way things are put together and operate, and our expectations as an operator and how they relate, to form strategies on the best approach to identifying and solving an ... Read More »