Book Reviews

Review: The Black Orchestra by JJ Toner

black orchestra

The Black Orchestra, by JJ Toner, is a mesmerizing spy thriller set in Nazi Germany during World War II. Kurt Muller, an Abwehr signalman, shows up to work and finds that his coworker is dead at his radio receiver. The police barely investigate the death and quickly determine it was a suicide. Kurt doesn’t agree. He begins his own investigation, ... Read More »

Review: Sex, Drugs & Islam by Dari Ghaznavi

sex drugs and islam

Sex, Drugs & Islam is the provocative and controversial memoir by Pakistani author, Dari Ghaznavi. In a conversational style, Ghaznavi tells tale of his time in the military, running drugs and other criminal activity, traveling the world, and, especially, chasing women. Despite its dark topics, the narration is breezy and spirited. Dari Ghaznavi really has lived a life like no ... Read More »

Review: Infinite Ending: Ten Stories by Frank Marcopolos

Infinite Ending

Infinite Ending: Ten Stories by Frank Marcopolos is the resulting book of a challenge to write a story a month over ten months. The ten stories follow two hikers on a long journey, a college baseball player assessing his prospects, erotica writers ruminating about the publishing business, a wounded soldier, and other tales where characters assess their present and future ... Read More »

Review: Dobyns Chronicles by Shirley McLain

Dobyns Chronicles by Shirley McLain

Every life is a story in itself. The author, Shirley McLain, proves this with her historical fiction novel Dobyns Chronicles. Charley Dobyns began his life in northeast Texas, on the Red River. His cowboy father and his Cherokee mother worked hard to provide for Charley and his two younger siblings, David and Viola. In 1888 tragedy struck. Both of his ... Read More »

Review: Between Midnight and Morning by Beverly Mitchell Dodd

between midnight and morning

Between Midnight and Morning, by Beverly Mitchell Dodd, is a hard-hitting women’s fiction novel that explores the dichotomy between personal freedom and family obligations and traditions. When Lena turns eighteen, she leaves her home, her father and sister, and their church and religious beliefs. In her new life she meets Cos, she marries young, and has her son, Nathan, soon ... Read More »