• New All-In-One Indie Author Toolbar From SPR is Completely Free

    New All-In-One Indie Author Toolbar From SPR is Completely Free

    Self-Publishing Review has designed an all-in-one toolbar for indie authors – and it’s completely free with no signup, membership or ads! The toolbar is a series of resources for self-publ...

  • Review: Recognize Them! by Zane Safrit

    Review: Recognize Them! by Zane Safrit

    Recognize Them: 52 Ways to Recognize Your Employees In Ways They Value* Including Your Bosses by Zane Safrit, the CEO of a thriving business with years of entrepreneurial experience, is a can-do manua...

  • SPR Announces Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy Awards For Indie Writers

    SPR Announces Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy Awards For Indie Writers

    Self-Publishing Review today announced a Halloween contest, The SPR Full Moon Awards 2014.  Horror, sci-fi and fantasy categories are open for entries from the end of August until October 1st, 2014 to...

  • Review: Decay by Mark Lingane

    Review: Decay by Mark Lingane

    In the war-torn future, in the only known pocket of existence left for humanity, a war for supremacy between cyborgs with their technological dominance and humans, some with newly-discovered near-magi...

  • Review: The Bird Room by Chad Hofmann

    Review: The Bird Room by Chad Hofmann

    “It’s too late for him too, said the man in a high-pitched voice, drooling in anticipation, like a dog with a bone. Eli stood frozen, his brain issued a hundred different commands that his...

Book Reviews

Review: High Andes by Rolf Margenau

High Andes

High Andes is an international thriller with an ambitious and beautiful setting across times. The third book in the Wylie Cypher series, Rolf Margenau’s adventure follows Cypher through his “midlife crisis”, his marriage crumbling and his mind set on a trek across the White Mountains of Peru (the Cordillera Blanca) with his daughter, Mercy, stumbling into the depths of the effects ... Read More »

Review: When All Balls Drop: The Upside of Losing Everything by Heidi Siefkas

WhenAllBallsDrop Cover

How can a devastating accident end up leaving you in a better place in life? This is the key question author Heidi Siefkas tries to answer from her personal perspective through her inspirational memoir When All Balls Drop: The Upside of Losing Everything. A candid recollection of events arranged from memories and diaries, Siefkas writes about her experiences of physical ... Read More »

Review: Here, There, Everywhere by Peter Dunkley

Here, There, Everywhere

Peter Dunkley was going to become a lawyer when he fell in love and gave it all up – and then gave all that up – for a life of travel and adventure, starting in Bombay in the 1950s. Now retired, Peter’s book Here, There, Everywhere is a charming memoir on a road less traveled by an Englishman abroad, finding ... Read More »

Review: The Unfinished Tower of Babel by Dr. Robert L. Bonn

The Unfinished Tower of Babel

Today, the never-completed Tower of Babel remains a symbol of how a divine, otherworldly power can enter into and change the course of human history. Dr. Robert L. Bonn, a sociologist, delves into how the biblical story of the Tower of Babel has influenced history in his fascinating book The Unfinished Tower of Babel. His work offers a non-conventional view ... Read More »

Review: How the Water Falls by K. P. Kollenborn

When the water falls

History is dominated by people including everyday people. One of the benefits for authors of historical is the ability to bring to life fictional characters set into real life events. This adds a layer of accessibility right from the start and eases the reader into the wonderful world of history. K. P. Kollenborn’s novel How the Water Falls is a ... Read More »

Review: IQ plus EQ: The Arrow and the Hoisting Crane by Feliciano Bantilan

IQ plus EQ

Feliciano Bantilan, a veteran stock investor and physicist by training, was struck down by Parkinson’s disease, leaving him unable to work. Lucky for us, however, he has turned his hand to penning exceptional advice for young people interested in approaching the stock market with a new kind of acumen: applying IQ plus EQ.  He says, IQ refers to intelligence as ... Read More »