Book Reviews

Review: The Man I Love by Suanne Laqueur

the man i love

The Man I Love is an incredible and emotional tale that pulls the reader into the pages and doesn’t let up until the end. Erik Fiskare, a college freshman, is attracted to the world of theater. However, he prefers being backstage. When he first looks into the eyes of Daisy Bianco, a dancer, he feels something. She said it with ... Read More »

Review: Five Days Dead by James L. Davis

Five Days Dead by James L. Davis

In an uncertain future, humanity finally achieves its greatest technological breakthrough with cold fusion, and with the rise of growing political climates toward conservation, recedes into a technological utopia of the Hubs, interlinked cities across the world. The decision of the majority of the population is solidified by the invention of the Link – a web-like virtual reality “Digiverse” – ... Read More »

Review: Just Two Weeks by Amanda Sington-Williams

just two weeks

Just Two Weeks, by Amanda Sington-Williams, is a taut psychological thriller. Jolene “Jo” Carr is in a fragile state of mind. Recently she was made redundant from a job she thought was secure. Dealing with this setback, she decides to go on vacation by herself when her partner, Mark, has to stay behind to work. On the first day of ... Read More »

Review: Toxic Intent by Mrig Trishna

Toxic Intent

Toxic Intent is a fictional drama by Mrig Trishna about the professional ethics of individuals and the moral responsibilities of corporations.  The plot follows Dr. Meg Morgan, an exceptional young scientist working for Synergy Chemical Corporation, who has been contracted to synthesize new chemicals for a major consumer product company.  Dr. Morgan, who starts the novel as an ambitious workaholic, ... Read More »