Barbara Scott

Success Through PICKSS by Muthuswamy N

Success through PICKSS by Muthuswamy NPICKSS is a system developed by Muthuswamy N, the founder of Quest Systems, a business consulting firm. His acronym stands for Prevention of Ineffectiveness through Concentration in Key Specifics Strategy. In Success Through PICKSS, Muthuswamy lists many reasons people often give for not being able to do their work, then shows how they can be productive by resetting attitudes and utilizing both sides of the brain—left (logic) and right (creativity).…

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Review: Sophie by Edward “Skip” Biron

★★★★ Sophie by Edward Biron

A dog can become almost human, according to author Edward “Skip” Biron, presenting a darling Bichon Frise ​as an excellent example in his non-fiction book, Sophie.

Being a rare breed, Sophie was rather expensive, but the woman destined to become her owner and best friend – ​Polly Pelletier ​ – ​was very lonely, having recently moved from Maine to Washington state after a bad marriage.…

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Review: The Stuff of Life by Asif Zaidi

★★★★★ The Stuff of Life by Asif Zaidi

Former Chairman of the Management Board of Citibank Kazakhstan, Pakistani author Asif Zaidi presents essays on a myriad of eclectic subjects in The Stuff of Life. Not hesitant to weigh in on such topics as philosophy, religion, social issues, anthropology, and even evolution, Zaidi is after finding the very meaning of life in this intriguing and wide-ranging collection of essays.…

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Is it Well with your Soul? (Healing Series Book 1) by Dr. Thabi Molete

Is it Well with your Soul? (Healing Series Book 1) How can we conquer physical and mental pain and find spiritual peace? This self-help guide, by Southern African educator/Methodist minister Dr. Thabi Molete is dedicated to “all women whose lives have been touched by pain.”

Organized in 10 chapters, each beginning with a prayer and ending with a “reflection exercise,” Is it Well with your Soul?

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