Carol Buchanan

Leviathan’s Master by David M. Quinn

Leviathan’s Master: The Wreck of the World’s Largest Sailing Ship
David M. Quinn
Review by Carol Buchanan

The leviathan of this short novel is the Thomas W. Lawson, a 7-masted schooner and the largest sailing ship ever built, which went down in a hurricane off Britain’s Scilly Isles on December 13, 1907.…

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Lessons from the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

I’m probably not the first to write about the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, because there were several self-published books entered in it.

Including mine, God’s Thunderbolt: The Vigilanates of Montana.

I entered it, although it has already won the 2009 Spur from Western Writers of America, as an experiment.…

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Good to be Back!

I’ve been away from Self-Publishing Review for several months, but now that I’ve fulfilled some of the obligations that kept me away, it’s good to be back. The biggest task was judging one of the Spur categories. Two other judges and I read about 30 Western novels, most of which were self-published.…

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Agony Hill by Roger Saltsman

Agony Hill by Roger Saltsman is a novel of redemption. Eric Roberts is teen-age distance runner whom we first meet running Agony Hill on a bitter New Year’s Day with his best friend Mary Klein. The two young people are good friends, although Eric tries Mary’s patience frequently with his competitiveness and obsession about becoming the best distance runner in the state.…

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Winter Games by John Lacombe

Winter Games is a thriller, a “gripping tale of military cover-ups and international crime,” according to the description on the back cover. The novel blurs the edges between science fiction and thriller with the use of a female, and very helpful, robot named Sarah who comes to the aid of the human protagonist, Tim Sutton.…

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One Fine Season by Michael Sheehan

One Fine Season is a deeply felt novel of faith and the afterlife. And baseball.

The readers who will enjoy this book most may well be those who liked The Shack by William P. Young. Like that extremely popular novel, One Fine Season features lengthy conversations about religion, God, the universe, and spirituality.…

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