Book Policy

Please read carefully our book policy before buying a review.

1. We do not accept books that contain any scenes of fictionalized rape, non-consensual sex, child abuse, or incest.

In 2014, we received a very much higher than normal number of fictionalized rape and child abuse books, and the team, a range of people from varying backgrounds, belief systems, sexualities, ages (23 to 70), and genders, felt overwhelmingly that reading this type of content repeatedly was not a good working environment for staff. We took a vote, and a unanimous motion was passed.

After reviewing many, many books written by authors that include these sensitive issues in a fictional setting, we found most authors had no experience of being a victim of abuse, and this felt like we were promoting a misinformation about these delicate issues when we are not qualified to talk about them or can know with certainty that the fiction was representing an honest and true portrait of abuse.

We found, after reading many examples of this type of fiction, that rarely do the authors of these books grasp the many facets of trauma and damage that sexual abuse causes to children, women and men around the world, and that in some cases including these subjects conveys a sense that, as part of a toolbox, the author is titillating and exciting readers in a way that we felt as a team of professionals in the book industry, cannot be encouraged or supported by our company, because it feels dishonest and uncomfortable.

  • We do, however, accept non-fiction survivor stories. If you have been a victim of rape or abuse and have written a book, we will accept your submission.
  • We also review erotica or consensual sexual content of any kind, including fetish and kink. This is because this is consensual, adult relationship fiction.

If you submit a book for review that contains a fictional rape scene and do not declare it, we will not process your review, and you will not be refunded because the reviewer will have read your book at this point.

2. We do not accept books that contain religious, political, racial, hate, or social critique that may incite feelings of discomfort in readers, even if it is not polarized.

  • We do, however, accept religious books discussing the writer’s religious experiences and instruction for others, such as poems or prose celebrating their religion or belief system, including but not limited to, Christianity, Catholicism, Islam, Atheism, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Paganism (including Wiccanism), New Age, etc.
  • We can provide a reviewer of faith on request.

Further Notes on Our Book Policy

  • We reserve the right to cancel a book review at any time prior to delivery date if we feel we cannot publish a review of the book’s content on our site for any reason. It is at the discretion of the editor as to the refund for this type of review purchase, but usually we give 100% refund.
  • Please note we do read author websites and blogs before publishing, and if any supporting written material used in the indirect promotion of your book could be offensive in emotional, political, social, or religious ways to any potential reader, we will also refund the review cost and not review your book.
  • Trigger warnings may be added without consultation to any books that contain highly violent content.

All books that were submitted before February 27, 2015 are not subject to this policy.

Not Sure?

If you are unsure about this policy and your book contents, please do not hesitate to contact us: editor@selfpublishingreview.com

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