Interviews with indie authors, publishers and book service providers in the self-publishing realm

An Interview with Rush Leaming: Author of Don’t Go, Ramanya

Rush Leaming AuthorRush Leaming lives in the Southeastern United States. He has done many things and lived in many places.

At various times in his life he has been a/an: car wash attendant, bartender, dishwasher, Adjunct Professor, lab rat decapitator, shoe salesman, fish pond builder (in the Congo), film actor (a very poor one), music video director, refugee camp volunteer (in Kenya/Sudan), film production manager, ESL teacher, star of a country music video, newspaper delivery person, Chinese wok assembler, night time hotel desk clerk, cement mixer, ballet manager, waiter, internet teacher, screenwriter, short film director, Cuban cigar mule, auctioneer, pre-med student, traffic pattern analyzer, photographer, landscaper, homeless, Academic Director, shepherd, lifeguard, audio-visual coordinator, recruiter for a prestigious government agency, and single dad.

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An Interview with Susan Orion: Author of Detention Land

Susan OrionTeacher and professional weirdo. Love to eat and read. If I can do them at the same time, I will. Just want people to have a place where they can laugh, reminisce, and connect!

Tell us about your book.

Detention Land is exaggerated TRUE stories of growing up in a place you feel trapped.…

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An Interview with George Finney: Author of No More Magic Wands

George FinneyGeorge Finney, ESQ., has worked in Cybersecurity for over 15 years and is the author of No More Magic Wands: Transformative Cybersecurity Change for Everyone. He is currently the Chief Information Security Officer for Southern Methodist University where he has also taught on the subject of Corporate Cybersecurity and Information Assurance.

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An Interview with Tiera Rice: Author of Awakening: Bloodline Book One

Tiera RiceTiera Rice was raised in Rockland County, New York and is a realtor in Rockland, Westchester, and Orange Counties. She earned her degree in criminal justice from Temple University, is the founder of Laughter and Lemonade: a project that focuses on motivational posters for those experiencing a chronic illness, and co-founder of #26forTiera: a foundation that provides financial resources to single parents battling life-threatening illnesses.

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An Interview with Monty J. McClaine: Author of the Super Speed Sam Series

Monty J McClaineProud winner of the 5th Annual Beverly Hills Book Awards in the “Holiday” category for Super Speed Sam – Santa’s Rescue Dog.

Tell us about yourself.

I began to observe that some of the natural interactions between family and friends are gradually eroding, if not already gone for some, and having been reminded of a C.S.Lewis quotation – “A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest,” set out to create a fun and exciting series of children’s short stories, with lots of adventure and splashes of humor, all paced to hold children’s attention whether reading or listening… at least that’s my hope!…

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