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Interviews with indie authors, publishers and book service providers in the self-publishing realm

An Interview with Rebecca Brockway: Author of Miss Matched at Midlife

Rebecca Brockway

Rebecca Brockway is a happily divorced, middle-aged gal who resides in paradise – Santa Barbara, CA – with the youngest of her four children. Rebecca is a champion multitasker. She writes, reads, runs lots of vertical steps for exercise, eats avocados and chocolate daily, parents her teenage son, and dodges the Mr. Wrongs of the world while in hot (tepid) ... Read More »

An Interview with William Poe: Author of Simple Simon

William Poe

Award-winning writer, William Poe, earned a bachelor’s in art from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and a master’s in anthropology from the University of Nebraska. His novel, Simple Simon (ISBN:978-1477624999), is the winner in the 2016 IndieReader Discovery Awards LGBT Fiction category as well as a finalist in the Clarion ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Award 2013 ... Read More »

An Interview with Eli Bloom: Author of SEER: The Ghosts of Gray Fable

Eli Bloom Author Photo

Eli Bloom is a mysterious young adult writer living in Los Angeles. He believes in ghosts. SEER: The Ghosts of Gray Fable is his first novel. Tell us something about your book. The basics: what’s it about? SEER is about 15-year-old girl, Grace Fable, who’s been able to see ghosts since she was six. When her single-father dad moves in ... Read More »

About Arkbound – UK Community Publisher


Steve Mcnought talks about running Arkbound, an independent UK publisher helping disadvantaged writers get published and reviewed in book and magazine format. Arkbound emerged in early 2015 as a small community publisher based in Bristol, UK, committed to providing a real alternative in the publishing world. Our slogan – ‘Building Futures, Bridging Divides’ – is based upon the idea of ... Read More »

An Interview with Rhys Hagan: Author of Hunting Taylor Brown

Rhys Hagan Author

Rhys Hagan is the acclaimed Australian author of Hunting Taylor Brown. He regularly draws on his experiences as a soldier and, years later, as a member of a religious cult to fuel his high-octane plots and deep, intense characters. Tell us something about your book. The basics: what’s it about? A mob boss’ daughter is kidnapped which sends him on ... Read More »

An Interview with Patricia Nedelea: Author of Constant Guests

Patricia Nedelea Author

I’m Patricia Nedelea, a former actress, stand-up comedian and academic who has decided, after two PhDs, four MAs and two BAs to give all that up and become a full-time writer. I’m currently living in Transylvania and Constant Guests is my first novel. Tell us something about your book. The basics: what’s it about? It’s about Isa, a cynical, damaged ... Read More »

An Interview with Lizbeth Hartz: Author of Angel Hero

Screen shot 2016-08-04 at 9.55.13 PM

The memoir Angel Hero: Murder in Hawai’i, A True Story by Lizbeth Hartz tells the story of 30-something Liz when she found true love in the early 80’s. Her heartthrob Vic gave her back her voice, squelched since childhood. He also inspired Liz to keep writing until she finished this 3rd and final edition of her book about him three ... Read More »