Interviews with indie authors, publishers and book service providers in the self-publishing realm

An Interview with Robert Schwab: Author of Back Side of a Hurricane

Robert SchwabI was born and raised in Virginia, and received undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of Virginia. After a long career in academic emergency medicine and palliative medicine, I am now a physician executive in Dallas, where I write, teach undergraduates at the University of Texas at Dallas, front a cover band, and play mediocre golf when time allows.

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An Interview with Michael French: Author of Once Upon a Lie

Michael FrenchI’ve published over the years 22 or so books, They comprise adult fiction, young adult fiction, adaptations of adult fiction and non-fiction, children’s books, gender studies, art criticism. Several of my books have won prestigious awards. In fiction, I like to experiment and grow as a writer.

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An Interview with Sandra Neily: Author of Deadly Trespass

Sandra NeilyI’ve been chased by moose, river otters, and mad mother partridges. And that’s recent. My seriously unsupervised childhood exploring clam flats, deep forests, and secret streams grew into the marrow that became my novel, Deadly Trespass.

I’ve worked to infuse my mystery-thriller with the drama and laughter of various outdoor careers, the sadness of loss, and close encounters with wildlife and unruly dogs.

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An Interview with Andreas Androutsellis-Theotokis: Author of Nannion

Andreas Androutsellis-TheotokisI was born in Athens, Greece, at a time when progressive rock music still got radio play. After finishing high school, I studied Biochemistry and Neurochemistry at Imperial College, University of London, obtaining my BSc and PhD degrees. Following my studies, I completed my National Service duties in the Greek Army.

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