Interviews with indie authors, publishers and book service providers in the self-publishing realm

Let’s Get Digital: An Interview with David Gaughran

We removed this interview because the author David Gaughran decided to attack SPR’s new hybrid business model Kwill for no good reason on his Twitter account on Sept 9, 2015 after we took the time to put together this promotional interview for free as a favor to help promote his book.…

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An Interview with eBookIt CEO Bo Bennett

eBookit is one of the best new conversion services – and their site just had a major redesign, suggesting that the service is growing quickly along with the ebook market.  I haven’t worked with eBookIt for any of my own books, but I walked my dad through the process and it was easy – and fast.…

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Debut novel, ‘Where’s Unimportant’ by Daniel Shortell

Where’s Unimportant by Daniel Shortell:

“Jack Addington is stuck. A carefree life wandering the globe has morphed into a monotonous existence working for an oppressive Manhattan-based software company peddling products which destroy the lives of decent people. Jack struggles through soul-sucking affairs with despotic executives and eccentric scientists by mentally projecting himself out of the present and into past adventures.

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Waiting for Karl Rove – Self-Publishing Controversial Titles

By “controversial” I mean, “books I can’t imagine traditional publishers taking a risk on in this dicey economy.”

Waiting for Karl Rove is one of those books. It’s irreverent satire, chock full of politically incorrect content, and the “characters” (aside from ourselves) are public figures, mainly in the political arena.…

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Author Willow Polson Says Hello

As with everything on the interwebtubes, I discovered SPR through a series of clicks. I saw that a fellow author, R.J. Keller, had “Liked” my Facebook page for Triune, and she was a mutual friend with fellow author Rob Kroese of Mercury Falls fame, so I looked at her website, which brought me to Backwords Books, which led me here.…

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Former Random House Author Self-Publishes Thriller that Views 9/11 from New Perspective

As self-publishing becomes an increasingly popular option for writers of all kinds (the good and the not so good, those who have tried the agent route and those who haven’t), there are those who continue to cling – and probably will for some time – to the idea that self-publishing is an avenue for the author whose work just isn’t good enough for traditional publishers.…

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