Interviews with indie authors, publishers and book service providers in the self-publishing realm

Introduction: Tia Nevitt of Fantasy Debut

When I started Fantasy Debut in June of 2007, I was delighted because it was noticed almost immediately by the science fiction blogging community. I had no idea about anything in the blogging world; I didn’t know any of the bloggers, and I never figured that people would want to send me free books.…

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SPR Interviewed on Tuesday Shorts

I was interviewed by Tuesday Shorts, a great flash fiction (100 words or less) site. I’d like to thank Kristen Tsetsi, one of the site’s editors, for putting this together.

This interview gives me a reason to write about something I’ve wanted to touch on: the idea that self-publishing will hurt your future chances in publishing.…

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Guest Post: On the Cusp of a Shot at a Dream—but how bad do I want it?

This post was submitted by a self-published author who wished to remain anonymous because he/she did not want any information written here to get in the way of negotiations with a literary agent.  Yes, agents are that fickle. Part one of a series, the article asks: how many revisions are you willing to make for an agent or editor before you’re compromising your integrity?

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