Interviews with indie authors, publishers and book service providers in the self-publishing realm

An Interview with Emme Dun, Author of “Bully”

Emme Dun“Bully” by Emme Dun explores the issues of LGBT parenting in the US during the Bush Administration. Starting with the events of 9-11 in NYC, the date turns out to mark a very different sort of tragedy for protagonist Wendy when she meets Windy, and they strike up a relationship…This novel centering on lesbian motherhood, and how same-sex parents face rights issues when it comes to a custody battle, in this case a fatal and nightmarish scenario.

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An Interview with Coral Walker: Author of Children of Swan

Coral WalkerMy life has been like a collection of interconnected rills, streams and brooks, swelling when it rains and diminishing when it’s dry. All the same they flow, as tributaries do, to a river. Writing is my perpetual river. I am Coral Walker, born and raised in China, and now living happily with my husband and three children in South Wales, in the UK.

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An Interview with Chand Svare Ghei: Author of Prasvapa

Chand Svare GheiChand Svare Ghei (1976) is a leading IT and telecommunications engineer. He has an extremely broad experienced background including time spent in Afghanistan, Kosovo and Bosnia.

He has written his books in more than twenty countries and he uses reality as his main inspiration as he feels that reality provides even better stories than fantasy.

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An Interview with Dakota Kemp, Author of Ironheart: The Primal Deception

Dakota KempI’m Dakota Kemp, a graduate student at Southwestern Oklahoma State University and the author of three books: The Arrival, which is a medieval fantasy, The Shrike Chronicles: Goddess, a science fiction novella, and Ironheart: The Primal Deception.  I enjoy stories in any medium, but I prefer that either magic or spaceships be involved. …

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An Interview with James Lee Nathan III: Author of Ibrahim Unites

James Lee Nathan IIIJames Lee Nathan III (JLN3), is the self-published author of two novels and nine novellas, spanning many speculative fiction sub-genres. JLN3 is best known for his scifi erotic crime drama series Robert Manis and No Brakes, both of which are bestsellers on the leanpub author platform.

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