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A Writer’s Day in Motion: Seth Mullins

Seth Mullins Books

An inspired state of mind reminds me of the dreaming state in one crucial respect: No matter how hard you try and revive the memory of it later, that recollection will never be quite as vivid as the original manifestation. I keep a notebook close by, as often as possible; in my backpack when I’m hiking; beside me at the ... Read More »

Which E-Book Subscription Services Will Survive the Year?

Ebook Store

E-book services come and go. With the current state of the economy, even some of the biggest publishers and services are struggling to survive in the market. Scribd has just heavily reduced its e-book service. Oyster, at one point an industry giant, has just announced its complete closure.   For self-publishers, these e-book platforms are a saving grace for distribution, ... Read More »

How To Avoid The Pitfalls Of Online Writing Tools

Book Title Generators

It’s an interesting time to be a writer. On the one hand, we have more opportunities than ever to make money online, either through freelance work or creating passive sources of writing income, and we have the online tools to help us do it. On the other hand, there is such an overload of online writing tools and services that ... Read More »

FAQs about Self-Publishing Book Titles


Choosing the right title for your self-published book is difficult. It’s been proven that your choice of title can have a significant impact on sales. It’s worrying to think that after all the hours crafting your work it might still sink – all because of a few words on the cover! This FAQ answers some of the key questions related ... Read More »

How Journaling can be a Training Ground for Aspiring Authors


It’s a proven fact that the more time you spend writing, the better at writing you will become. Writers who write out of passion do not have a problem with this. They write each day because it is a necessity rather than a habit, effort, or obligation. On the other hand, some writers tend to have difficulty developing a daily ... Read More »

How Dyslexics Can Benefit from Using Ebook Readers


When you hear the word dyslexia, the first thought that comes to your mind may be some type of inversion such as reading backwards. However, dyslexia is more than just that. Dyslexia is a disorder that refers to people with normal intelligence levels who have trouble reading. Though it affects about one in twenty people, the cause has remained somewhat ... Read More »