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Jim Carrey To Become A Self-Published Author

Jim Carrey is preparing to join the ranks of self-published authors with what he described as a “metaphysical” children’s book about a wave.

The actor told HitFix that the book would be called How Roland Rolls. And although a major Hollywood name like Carrey would find it easy to land a mainstream publisher, he said: “I’m going to self-publish, because that’s just the world right now and I think it’s cool”.

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In Good Company










What do Walt Whitman and the authors of Chicken Soup For The Soul have in common? Not much, you say? Well, okay, maybe not all that much. But there’s this: They were both self-published.…

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Author Iain Banks Announces He Is Dying

Author Iain Banks has announced on his website that he has just months to live after being diagnosed with bladder cancer.

The 59-year-old announced the book he is currently working on, entitled The Quarry, is likely to be his last after cancer spread to his liver, pancreas and lymph nodes.

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John Winters – I’m A Self-Publishing Failure

John Winters writes about becoming a published author in Salon today. It’s a bitter perspective, but one that piques and gives some insights into publicizing your book.

I am contorting myself in front of the bathroom mirror, iPhone in hand, a porkpie hat on my head and a pair of black-framed Jonathan Franzen glasses perched on my nose.

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A Fascinating Looks At Authors As Teenagers

Emily Temple at Flavorwire has collected a really interesting bunch of photos of authors in their teens. My favorites include JD Salinger, a looker in a military uniform, and Allen Ginsberg looking extremely dorky.

Inspired, we took it upon ourselves to dig up a handful of snapshots of other legendary authors in those awkward (or not so awkward, as the case may be) teenage years, before they penned the words that made them famous.

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ADAP Offers Ebook Advertisement Money for Authors

BookIM is announcing the launch of ADAP, eBook Advertising for Authors and Independent Publishers. ADAP is a new ebook advertisement program that is sensitive to the needs of authors and readers while creating new revenue opportunities for authors. Being an author, I know that the thought of adding ebook advertisements to a novel is anathema to most authors.…

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