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What Stages May Come: Free Book Reviews

I never suspected as I researched and wrote my book what further stages of the process were yet to come. I’m probably preaching to the choir a bit here, addressing a lot of people who won’t be surprised by what came next.…

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The Write Stuff

I wrote this on my own blog, and thought it may be interesting for fellow self-publishers to share my experience.

I wanted this blog to be about writing, so I thought I would share how I came to write my first book.…

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Why Writing is Like Laying Bricks

Giacomo & Slick

Anything Good Takes Time.

I have read a lot of articles and advice from people about writing, and how writers should just write. Hurry up and write. Write. Write. Write. Somewhere in the article they mention, in passing, about making sure the quality is there, but the focus usually shifts back to writing fast so you can get more books out and help sell your other books.…

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