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Publish Your Shorts: Now Is the Time

In A Room of One’s Own, Virginia Woolf’s treatise on women and fiction, Mrs. Woolf lamented that, historically, women had to have both money and a room of their own in order to write – two resources that had been universally difficult, if not impossible, for women to attain back then.…

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For Readers Drowning in E-Books, Author Collectives Offer a Lifeline

In an ocean of self-published titles, two questions surface: How can readers find quality e-books, and how can authors of quality e-books find readers?

Before Amazon’s Kindle changed the face of electronic publishing, in 2006, 51,237 self-published titles were printed as physical books that year, according to the data company Bowker.…

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Time Management for Authors: Arguing the Case

“Yes, but…” by wolf 359 on flickr

Who do you talk to more on social media, your readers or other authors? Do you spend more time online than you do writing? How much of your online time is devoted to arguing about the “future of publishing”?…

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Say When: Publication Readiness

As a self-publishing author, you are Chairman of the Publishing Board and Chief Operating Officer, deciding for yourself, by yourself when to hit the publish button. But what informs your conclusion that today is The Day?

One of the biggest chores is to tidy up first.…

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Permission to Delay: Writing Under Pressure

Self-published authors set their own writing goals. If you fail to write according to your schedule, you answer only to yourself. There may be outside pressure from people who mock your claim to be a “real” writer, but the biggest pressure is internal.…

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Counting on a Word Count

I get really bent out of shape over word count whenever I edit any of my novel manuscripts. Is my manuscript long enough to be considered a novel?” has been one of the foremost questions haunting my mind. I worry whenever I have to delete sentences and whole paragraphs alike; this apparently decreases the word count.…

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