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Site Update: Everything Works

Apologies for the lack of posting recently. For the last month or so, I’ve been chasing spam on the site, which has dampened some of my enthusiasm for creating new content – every time I came here I had to spend time deleting a bunch of accounts.…

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What Happened to Suzy Wins Book Award

Readers Favorite Book Contest Award Winner

This is a fictional book based on actual facts; the names and locations are changed. This is a story of child abuse and how Suzy learned to forgive.

Suzy (Carol Denise Brown) was the 6th child out of 16 children. Her father seldom lived at the home.…

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Chris Turner: Author Interview

Wolf's-head, Rogues of Bindar Book I

Hi, I’m the author of “Wolf’shead”, Book 1 of the  Rogues of Bindar trilogy.

Welcome to Bindar: a world of scoundrels, opportunists and glib talkers.

A conniving fisherman/adventurer discovers a new meaning for the words mischief and scandal when he falls on the wrong side of a macabre magician, propelling him and his jokester poet friend into outlandish adventures.…

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Beating them off with a Schtick

I’ve written a book with a schtick.

If I tell you that when I first drafted my collection of Christmas-themed horror shorts they were as a gift for my wife, who loves the holidays like no doe-eyed child ever did, and that I genuinely wanted to explore the notion of ‘giving’ creatively, while reveling in a mythology that is all too rarely untouched by serious genre writers, precisely because the associated tinsel-trimmed gimmickry makes them seem corny or hackneyed: you still won’t care.…

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The Perils of a Self-Publishing Author

Self-publishing isn’t exactly the newest game in town for me; I’ve already self-published two ebooks. However, this time it’s personal, and I just gambled everything I have on a talent and a genre.

Previously, I’ve written two free ebooks, which I use to promote Octane, my business.…

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Author Interview: Amy Miles

1. How did you come to self-publish? Did you try to get published traditionally?

I chose to self-publish my new teen romance book, Defiance Rising, because I wanted control over my book.  I wanted to use my talented sister-in-law to create my book cover as well as be able to control the price at which my book could be downloaded. …

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