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So! You Want To Be A Writer?

This blog is inspired by Alan Rinzler, Zoe Winters, David Kazzie, JA Konrath, and Dean Wesley Smith.  Because everything I ever learned about being a writer – a person who makes money writing – I learned from these individuals.  So, if in the next five minutes you read something that you don’t believe, they are the ones to blame.…

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Hello SPR from Renvyle Blake

Dear Reader, I am newly self published, and like many of you I suspect, keen to get my work to a wider audience. My book, ‘The Himalayan Assignment’ is now available and there are details at I will leave the plug at that!…

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New Book on Kindle: What Happened to KayLee, Tears of a Child

Press Release

KayCee Antonee gets electric chair in new book: “What Happened to Kaylee, The Tears of a Child.”
San Francisco, August 18, 2011: announced the much awaited release of new EBook that blows the lid off of what happened to baby Kaylee Mary Antonee in Carol Denise Mitchell’s: What Happened to Kaylee, The Tears of a Child.…

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Interview with Jason Holmes on the e-book “Sample Letters on Debt and Credit”

I have written an e-book “Sample Letters on Debt and Credit” in collaboration with Peter Samuels, my friend and a Debt Samaritan in DebtConsolidationCare Community. I have been associated with DebtCC Community for past 6 years. Apart from participating in DebtCC forums, I also like to share whatever knowledge I have by writing financial articles for DebtCC and have also contributed in several community websites.…

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The Mystery of the Missing Amazon Public Notes

Prime Suspect: The New Amazon Upgrade Program

Amazon Public Notes look like they are taking a turn that only a detective can figure out.
I blogged in February about the Great News of Amazon adding a new feature to their eBooks called Public Notes in which readers could share highlights and notes with other readers.…

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A Journey in Self-Publishing

Recently, I published my first book, Managing Behind the Wall: Lessons in Leadership from Inside the Big Box. It’s a book that talks about some of the lessons I learned inside big box retail as I spent nearly five years on the front line of the largest retailer in the world.…

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