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Mischievous Tame Fox Inspires Picture Book

Hello! I am new to this blog. My name is Stevie, and I am an illustrator/author/veteran self-publisher. I published my first book, Lizzie Fox-Top, in November 2009. From the back cover:
“Lizzie with your hair so red, what’s that fox doing on your head?”

So demand the townsfolk of Lizzie’s world the morning after an abandoned baby fox wanders in through her moonlit window.…

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iPad Review for Chinese Publication

Despite the fact that the UPS tracking showed my iPad in Guangzhou, China on April 2, the enchanting device showed up magically at my doorstep in the morning of Saturday, April 3. Amazing!

Growing up I used to love reading a good book while listening to music.…

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How to Become a Blogging Expert Overnight

With age comes wisdom…but, not when we’re talking about blogging.

It doesn’t take years to become an expert blogger. You can *conquer all obstacles* and become a professional as early as…tomorrow. Yes, I said tomorrow. To become a blogging expert, all you need to do is:

–         Define Your Niche – Mental blocks will be unheard of.…

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Good to be Back!

I’ve been away from Self-Publishing Review for several months, but now that I’ve fulfilled some of the obligations that kept me away, it’s good to be back. The biggest task was judging one of the Spur categories. Two other judges and I read about 30 Western novels, most of which were self-published.…

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Writers and grandiose delusional disorder

The American Psychological Association estimates that each year thousands of writers suffer from delusions of inflated worth, knowledge, and identity. In our latest episode of “Inside The Writers’ Studio,” we visit one such author, R.J. Keller, as she is interviewed by a hair-obsessed reporter.…

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Do writers use Twitter? You bet your sweet tweet they do. analyzed what many of us call “meaningless chatter” on Twitter and found, among all the celebrity nonsense, there are plenty of us out there too:

Using highly unscientific methods (a simple TweepSearch to find all the people who included the word “poet,” “novelist,” or “writer” in their Twitter profile), GalleyCat has compiled a year-end census of the literary Twittersphere.

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