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My Neil Gaiman Odyssey: Twitter, The Pixies And A Lost Denim Jacket

When I was a sixteen year-old in Cambridge, UK, it was the late 80s, and it was dull as the ditchwater gathering in the River Cam that splashed onto my Doctor Martin boots ( inscribed with Tipp-Ex “Smileys”) as I walked to the local polytechnic, where I studied a sort of art A level course that consisted of me being able to take my pet dog to class, a boy who was scared of both purple and broccolli (yes we did paint some broccolli purple, and yes, we chased him with it up and down the art studio) and lots of projections of slides of buildings in Italy that I couldn’t care less about, but that scarred me with the knowledge of what the difference between a Romanesque and a High Gothic window is.…

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Self Publish Your Way to Success: 5 Effective Guidelines to Consider

self-publishing tipsModern book publishing comes with a wide array of opportunities for budding authors. Self publishing is one such opportunity that has completely revolutionized the book industry. Nowadays, many authors choose to self publish their books as the process is speedy and options for marketing these books are also immense.  …

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Suggestions For Starting A Book Club

picjumbo.com_HNCK3576There are many ways members of a book club can benefit from engaging in activities that allow them to expand their knowledge about different books they have read. With advanced technology, members can find a variety of ways to experience reading in a completely different way.…

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Choosing a Book Title that Attracts Readers

book titlesChoosing a book title is ultimately the most important decision an author will make when it comes to selling the most books possible. While writing a book is important for an author, choosing a good title is equally as important. Since the book title is what creates a spark in a reader’s interest, authors should choose their book title very wisely.…

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How to Overcome Writer’s Block

writer's blockWriter’s block happens to every great writer at some point in their career. While this can be discouraging to some writers, it is easy to overcome. Many cases of writer’s block are a result of conflicted feelings. Writers want their writings to be perfect and want their work to be done as soon as possible.…

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7 Tips to Boost your eBook Sales

promoting booksMore and more publishing success stories these days are coming from eBook publishers as compared to those who deal in print books. As a result, the number of eBook writers has gone up drastically. Though it may seem lucrative to write your own eBook and sell it, making enough sales to earn good money is not as easy as it seems.

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