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Author Inspires Kids While Fighting Terminal Cancer

chemoI don’t actually remember how I first met Renee Robinson. I think it all started when some unmitigated ‘Ho wrote a cruel review about her writing, and I jumped to her defense. That sounds about like me. Anyone who could write cruelly about someone who does what Renee does with her life deserves a smack-down.…

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Places To Share Your e-Book

Places to share your ebook
Your e-book is ready, and it is time to share it with your readers. Here’s some specific online platforms for promotion of your e-book:

Addicted To Ebooks
For those authors who have their free books on Amazon already. Use Addicted To Ebooks to promote your e-book: write a description, add a comment, and share the link to your e-book.…

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Meridian Qigong: The Modern Research of Meridians and Muscle Fascia

Meridian Qigong bookAuthor Tevia Feng talks about the research for the book,”Meridian Qigong: The Modern Research of Meridians and Muscle Fascia”

There has been ongoing research into physically identifying where the meridian systems actually are. In his groundbreaking book Anatomy Trains, Thomas Meyers worked on dissecting cadavers to understand the inner workings of the muscle fascia.…

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Going Mobile and Reading Favorite Reads Are Cheaper

DigitalMagazineApps-LOGONo matter which particular niche interests you, you can read whenever you like nowadays. So why not make sure that you have the best reads in your hand?

Saving money has become a priority. However, maybe you can’t stop reading your favorite celebs magazines and other attractive magazines.…

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About Our Editor

Cate Baum - Editor
Cate Baum – Editor

Cate Baum is a postgraduate-educated professional editor and writer from Cambridge UK, living in LA and Spain. She has over fifteen years experience with the English language and has edited all kinds of books, scripts and manuals in three different countries (UK, USA and Spain) for commercial, specialist and literary audiences.

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How Do We Know Our Priorities Are Right?

Do you have a set of priorities in your personal life? Oh, maybe something like: Family > Work > Play…

Do you set priorities in your mind for what the government needs to do? How about your priorities for what your customers need?…

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Paid Reviews – A Reality Check

FireShot Screen Capture #591 - 'About I Caribbean Book Blog' - caribbeanbookblog_wordpress_com_aboutThe New York Times exposé on the infamous and the shenanigans of its founder Todd Jason Rutherford, has unleashed the mother of firestorms on the Internet. Bloggers from all over the blogosphere have pounced on the scandal and many of them are gleefully fanning the flames.…

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