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Line up at a Book Fair to Get Your Share of Readers!

Are you a bookworm? Do you obsess over what is the latest book on the stands or who is the most popular author currently?  Some people are such nerds that a life without books seems dull and listless to them.  They would rather visit a book fair than visit an art gallery or watch the latest movie.  …

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How To Sell Books With Amazon Reviews

There are tricks of the trade to ensure the sale of your book via Amazon reviews. Here are our tips for making the most of these.

Amazon Reviews can make or break a book

When someone reviews your book (Self-Publishing Review ranks high – profile here) make sure you click ” Yes” to “Was this review helpful to you?” Amazon ranks its reviewers by helpfulness, so boosting those who review your book will help your review get seen by more people.…

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A Self-Publishing Romance

I know there are a few of you out there who are very pleased to hear that me and Henry Baum are getting married this weekend. But I don’t know if many people know how we met.

It’s a self-publishing love story, basically.…

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Self-Publishing Comic Books

One facet to self-publishing we at SPR have never really touched on is the potential for self-publishing comic books. We met three interesting self-publishers at San Diego Comic Fest whose comic books are highly entertaining, and use a slightly different model to fiction paperback self-publishers – a lot of selling is done at conventions, in shops and on their own websites as a result of their offline marketing – maybe there is something to be learned here for paperback writers!…

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SPR at San Diego Comic Fest

SPR went to the San Diego Comic Fest this weekend, where we came across several self-published authors (see our article on self-published comic books), while sharing a stall with LA-based self-publishing press, New Texture, publishers of “Nu Luna”, a sci-fi novel by Andrew Biscontini and “Weasels Ripped My Flesh”, an anthology of vintage mens comic book adventures, as well as Kate Danley, a highly successful self-published novelist whose Maggie McKay book series is now optioned for TV.…

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