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Preface from “Why Zarmina Sings” by Thérèse Ayla Kravetz

Why Zarmina Sings: 18 Steps to Live and Learn Beyond Anxiety

She was always looking for permission. Permission to move. Permission to speak. Permission to be. She walked on eggshells, sat in the end of the front row by the window, headscarf tightly tied around her neck. She wore a flannel shirt and jeans, and seldom spoke, though always attentive. If she raised her hand, it crimped close to her body ... Read More »

Book Excerpt: Restless Spirits by Jean Marie Bauhaus


[Below is an excerpt from Restless Spirits by Jean Marie Bauhaus.] The stairs took a left turn at the top and let out into a long, empty hallway. I paused to calm myself down. I didn’t know who this kid was, but if it was me, I wouldn’t be too eager to show myself to a pissed off ghost hellbent ... Read More »

Excerpt: Bob Wacszowski, Necromancer


Bob Wacszowski, Necromancer is the harrowing and hilarious tale of a regular guy who stumbles across an ancient tome of Atlantean necromancy and decides to make full use of his new powers for good, despite the world’s increasingly negative reaction to his expanding army of skeletal minions. On his way home from being broken up with by his girlfriend Anna ... Read More »

Excerpt: Stockholm : The Girl At The Bar by Kian Kaul


In this scene, Anakin Carver is wandering through a social-rebranding party at an art gallery in the city. Previously in “Stockholm”, Carver returns to Los Angeles, where he now works as an advertising creative, having recovered from his disastrous unemployment “holiday” back home in San Francisco. Read More »

Excerpt: Blood For Love by Chris M. Finkelstein

blood for love

The book covers a few categories, such as thrillers, suspense, with action. It’s a combo of fantasy/adventure, with science fiction coming into play in the fourth book. It is a mix. This is the story of Jan, a clairvoyantly-gifted male D’otian living on a violent, predatory planet. His mother Martha is part of a love-preservation network — outlawed by a ... Read More »

Excerpt: Amphigory Almanac “Meet Mr J” by Brandon Craig “Diddy” Jones

Screen shot 2014-01-11 at 3.28.30 PM

Meet Mr. J, a mouth-breathing-barbaric-lousy-writer so self involved that he failed Astronomy 101 because he literally thinks the world revolves around him. Parenthetically, Mr.J’s style of writing is like solving the Rubik’s Cube…color blind. In consequence, Mr.J is to language what hemlock is to Socrates, what Pontius Pilate is to Christ, what Harvey Lee Oswald is to JFK, and what ... Read More »

My Father’s Passion By Blair Schweiger – From “Ole!”

Jim and Blair

My father is a bullfighter. I grew up in Spain and Latin America due to this passion of his. Though I have suffered for it, I would not trade the journey for the world. I have learned to embrace it as part of who I am. I am a bullfighter’s daughter. I was born in South America. My parent’s indulgence ... Read More »