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Review: Guilty of Honour by Tony Mead

Ben Stone has mastered being at the wrong place at the wrong time. His worse instance of bad luck yet – being framed as the murderer of the regional magistrate’s son – is what puts the book’s main plot in motion.…

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Review: Dust of the Universe by V.S. Kemanis

Reviewing self-published fiction can sometimes feel like a thankless task, even when you’re being paid for it. You can find yourself slogging through a book so woeful that you wonder how the author could possibly think it was ready for publication.…

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Medusa’s Cause by P.E. Zimmerman

Author P. E. Zimmerman spent six months “eating, living sleeping, and breathing Greece” in preparation for this novel, and the research shows. Richly imagined, the story brings the reader into a wholly believable ancient and mythological world.

Events are set in motion when a beautiful young woman is compelled to join a mysterious man at the temple of Athena in the middle of the night.

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Review: Beauty And The Singularities by John Waite

Short stories seem to be on the upturn in self-publishing and I am beginning to warm to the genre when I get to read something as original as this collection, “Beauty And The Singularities” by John Waite.

So what are the singularities of beauty?…

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Review: Enoch’s Device by Joseph Finley

Cover, Enoch's DeviceDerry, Ireland, 997 A.D. One stormy midday, a black-hulled ship moors near the local monastery, setting down the towering Bishop Adémar, three priests, and a small army of Frankish soldiers and vicious dogs. The black-robed bishop tells the assembled monks he’s here to find a murderous heretic in their midst.…

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Review: daynight by Megan Thomason

Do you believe in second chances? Megan Thomason’s novel, daynight, The Second Chance Institute (SCI) not only believes in second chances, but works diligently to provide them. However, what are their true motives and who is behind the organization? Are they simply altruistic or is there evil involved?…

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Review: A Dragon’s Passion by Sandra Enriquez

A Dragon’s Passion, by Sandra Enriquez, explores the belief that love can conquer all. Annaliessa and Tyson live in the Land of Miradel, home to the Kingdom of Petroset. Both have one thing in common; their fathers didn’t love them.…

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