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Review: Murder Takes Time by Giacomo Giammatteo

What would you do if you thought one of your two best friends from childhood was wanted for murder and you were the cop in charge of the investigation?  Would you be able to put your feelings aside and do your job? …

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Review: Embraced by Darkness: Sacrifices by Tarah L. Wolff

As far as romantic epics go, the story of Sacrifices, book one in the Embraced by Darkness series by Tarah L. Wolff, is as good as Rhapsody. I started reading this novel with the hope that it would prove even better, and in some ways it succeeded, but in many, many other ways, it failed .…

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Review: The Player Piano by G. Charles Cook

What a pleasure this book is to read, thrilling without being a thriller, mysterious without being a mystery, of another time without being nostalgic.

We are introduced in this novel to many characters, large, small, and interesting alike, including “The Wooten Bunch” of Water Wells, Alabama, consisting of six students.…

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Review: Railway Confessions by Carolyn Moncel

Much of this collection, a trio of short stories and extra material to boot, features characters with previous appearances in the short fiction of Carolyn Moncel. Following the three stories there is an Epilogue, a Mini-Interview of the author, some handy Book Club questions, an excerpt from Carolyn’s forthcoming novel Geneva Nights, and blurbs for Carolyn’s two previous publications Encounters in Paris and 5 Ways to Leave a Lover.…

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Review: Clips & Consequences by Beth Myrle Rice

Imagine being invited to lunch by your ex-husband and his wife to discuss what to do with the hard-to-manage teenager you all have in common. Imagine that, instead of actually going to lunch, they simply stay in the car, turn to you as you sit in the back seat, and accuse you of providing drugs to said teenager.…

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Review: Promised Valley Rebellion by Ron Fritsch

To enter the world in Promised Valley Rebellion is to experience a culture that is both familiar, with the emotions, fears, temptations and desires all humans possess, yet faraway and misty and almost like the Middle Ages, but not even exactly like that either.…

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Review: Left Unspoken by Brendan Cox

“I just wanted to see what was simply hidden by their shame.  I just wanted to see what they did when the forces of the social world weren’t constraining them.”

Brendan Cox’s Left Unspoken is not your everyday novella.  When Raymond “Ray” Cobley was six years old he learned that his parents agreed to have everything he says recorded. …

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