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Review: Aeternum Ray by Tracy R. Atkins

William Samuel Babington, the protagonist of Aeternum Ray, by Tracy R. Atkins, was born in the twentieth century and spent his youth in the same world we now inhabit. But by the time Babington succumbs to the heart defect he inherited from his father, the world and humans have changed dramatically.…

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Review: Fall by Geoffrey Young

Geoffrey Young’s novel “Fall” is a tempestuous marriage between beautifully crafted prose and a story that leaps time and place to explain exactly why we find our narrator, Paul, a waiter and would-be writer (there is only one letter difference between them, he tells us hopefully) who sits on a fire escape in New York, penning a desperate soliloquy about his fall in life: how did Paul finish up here and why is he so desperate to end it all?…

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Review: Golden State by David Prybil

If you took a poll asking people the capital of California my guess would be that not many people would know the answer. If you continued by asking how many of them have visited the capital city of California, I think even less people would answer in the affirmative.…

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Review: Tropical Temptation: A Kristen Maroney Mystery by Susan LaDue

Tropical Temptation: A Kristen Maroney Mystery, by Susan LaDue, is a short mystery involving a cast of characters residing in Placencia, a small Caribbean town in Central America. Kristen Maroney owns a beach and resort wear boutique. She’s divorced, has a sexy boyfriend, wonderful friends, and a dog named Buster.…

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Review: The Dragon Who Feared Fire by Jeff Shevlowitz

“The Dragon Who Feared Fire” is a delightful tale about two outcasts who find each other and discover the true meaning of friendship. Even before Harold’s birth, his father knew he would not be like other dragons. Percy, Harold’s father, predicts, “Growing up may be hard for you, but you’ll be a dragon unlike any other.” Percy is correct.…

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Review: Butt Ugly by Jimmy Glenn

Butt Ugly is a story of  “love and baseball.” It is the heart warming tale of the cantankerous Cole Catalpa Junior, born with a deformity to the face that is so hideous people stare and comment all the time. He proves his bullies wrong when he starts pitching his anger out on his father’s barn door with a baseball and this talent for throwing is encouraged by Cole Senior despite Junior’s indifference,” “I’ve got no taste for that game” I told him.…

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