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Review: The Keeper by R.L. Mosz

In the 1930s, author Frederick Schiller Faust gave us a young medical intern by the name of Dr. James Kildare, a character who appeared for decades in movies, TV shows, radio shows, and even a comic strip.

Like Dr. Kildare, Dr.…

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Review: Basic Options Trading by Rocco Pendola

Basic Options Trading: Options Strategies For Beginners by Rocco Pendola is not a get rich quick read.  If you are looking for a book to offer you outrageous guarantees about fast cash and then retiring along the Mediterranean this is not the book for you. …

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Review: Spiritual Alchemy by Anthony of the Desert

Spiritual Alchemy: The Fall, The Cure, The Jesus Prayer is written by Anthony of the Desert.  In the 1950s, Anthony, whose birth name is Frank Jarvis Atwood, was born in Northern California.  His childhood neighborhood was in an upscale area and he attended an impressive Military Academy.  …

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Review: God Hates Fags by Joe Wellman

A minister, believing he was on a mission from God, identified a local teacher as a homosexual. The ‘outing’ led to the teacher’s murder. The states attorney decided the minister had put the teacher’s life in jeopardy by singling him out for only one reason; the teacher was a homosexual.

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Review: There’s Always Another Case by William Thomas

This crime drama features two very unique characters: John “Smooth” McGovern, a detective on the police force, and his partner Rita “Cheeks” Goreman. They are the homicide squad and, as in real life, they are faced with budget cuts, piles of paperwork and the fact that they must move on when a case turns up dead ends, because there is always another case.…

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Review: 21 Erased by Barbara Rayne

The code is your identity, your bank account, your credit card, the bus fare… your existence. When they take it away, you disappear like you never lived at all. All it takes is a moment and you’re no longer a human being…you’re nothing.

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Review: One-Hit Willie: A Classic Rock Novel by William Westhoven

As an art critic says to an artist in the 1850 Charles Reade novel Christie Johnstone, “Art is not imitation, but illusion.” In fiction, it’s challenging to tell a story using archetypal themes and characters without descending into cliché. When you tell a story involving rock and roll, this feat becomes even trickier.…

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