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Review: To Kill the Duke by Sam Moffie

After World War Two, the United States of America began rebuilding but missed the opportunity to enjoy the peace it fought hard for by establishing a Cold War with the U.S.S.R. Against such a backdrop, To Kill the Duke juxtaposes the inner circle of spies and assassins serving at the pleasure of Leader Stalin in Communist Moscow with the cast and crew of a Hollywood movie being filmed in a Utah desert in 1954.…

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Review: The Book of 1 Ariel by Aaron Quincy

“I can be the greatest angel of all-time.  It could happen.”

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be an angel?  Aaron Quincy’s novel, The Book of 1 Ariel introduces heaven’s newest angel.  When Ariel arrives in heaven she learns that she is to train to become an angel. …

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Review: I, Dwayne Kleber by James Connor

For an eighth grader Dwayne Kleber has a lot of stuff going on. His teacher is one of only three at his school who are white and a few of his classmates are trying to run her off. Nonetheless, Dwayne approaches her with an important question: he wants to write a book, but can’t decide what to write about.…

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Review: Promised Valley War by Ron Fritsch

Blood has been shed in wars for many reasons. Sometimes it’s pride, quarrels over land, jealousy, revenge, disagreements or misunderstandings. Sometimes it’s over love or hate or ignorance.

In Promised Valley War, the stakes increase from the stage that was set in Promised Valley Rebellion with the upstart young Blue Sky, son of the great warrior Green Field, a close friend of the valley king, Tall Oak.…

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Review: Hillwalking by Katy Ridnouer

Ten years after moving to Ireland with her husband, Heather loves her family but realizes she’s at an impasse. As the novel opens we find her in a reflective housework session. While pining for the hills of her native North Carolina, Heather hits upon the idea of organizing a hillwalking group of just three members and her journey is under way.…

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Review: Sometimes Ya Gotta Laugh by Timothe Davis

A key ingredient to a successful movie is a fabulous soundtrack.  Not many people want to sit in a theater and listen to horrible songs no matter how great the actors.  But are soundtracks exclusive to movies?  Timothe Davis’ novel Sometimes Ya Gotta Laugh challenges this question. …

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Review: A Searcher Summoned by Perrin Pring

“The universe, as we know it, was created as a result of an exercise of thought.  In another dimension, far away from here…”

Do you feel like escaping into a new world?  Perrin Pring’s world in A Searcher Summoned (The Ryo Myths) is filled with lossals, ringers, zombies, dream searchers, Eoans, Afortiori, and the Chozen.…

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Review: The Shadows Touch by R. Scott VanKirk

The Shadows Touch, by R. Scott VanKirk, is the sequel to the fantasy novel, The Dryad’s KissThe opening pages of The Shadows Touch picks up right where the first novel left off.

I had the privilege of reviewing the first novel and I enjoyed it immensely so with great anticipation I opened to the first page of the sequel.  …

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