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Review: No Exit by Julie Harris

No Exit by Julie Harris focuses on the story of Rebecca Miller, who happens to be one of the most gifted psychics this world has ever seen. Not only can she occassionally read minds, she also predicts future events, sees glimpses of people’s past and has a connection with an Angel guide named Emmanuel.…

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Review: Michael’s Reward by Mario Bernheim

Exceptional doesn’t even closely describe Michael’s Reward. In this thought-provoking, memorable book we meet Michael Whiley, God, and Lucifer. It’s a modern retelling of the Book of Job.

Michael has every material possession possible – a beautiful home, a boat, a lucrative job where he makes millions with bonuses every year, and a wonderful family.…

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Review: All Storms Pass by Luke Benoit

today I will ask myself what would I be

without anything? ALL OF IT…

what would I be worth if it were all

just stripped away leaving me just

with me and I had to be just who I am?

Page 531

Someone once told me that reading poems was like looking into the poet’s soul. …

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Review: The River Secrets by Diane Dunning

According to The American Heritage Dictionary, hypocrisy is defined as “the practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not hold up or possess; insincerity.”  Most people abhor hypocrisy, and yet many are guilty of it as well.  After all, we are human and intrinsically flawed. …

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Review: The Keeper by R.L. Mosz

In the 1930s, author Frederick Schiller Faust gave us a young medical intern by the name of Dr. James Kildare, a character who appeared for decades in movies, TV shows, radio shows, and even a comic strip.

Like Dr. Kildare, Dr.…

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