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Review: Song at Dawn by Jean Gill

Historical thriller/love story set in Narbonne just after the Second Crusade. 1150 in Provence, where love and marriage are as divided as Christian and Muslim. On the run from abuse, Estela’s musical talent finds a patron in Alienor of Aquitaine and more than a music tutor in the finst troubadour of the age, Alienor’s Commander of the Guard.

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Review: The Truth About Us by Dalene Flannigan

The Truth About Us is about three women and how one vicious act led to another, changing the arc of their lives forever. Erica, Grace, and Jude probably looked like typical Canadian college girls living the good life — roommates in a townhouse Erica’s father owned, free to study or party, able to plan for their futures.…

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Review: Shark & The Wolf: Predators and Prey by Daniel D. Shields

I would classify this as a sci-fi thriller.  The science fiction genre allows us to go anywhere we want and create anything we can imagine.  Mr. Shields has successfully created an alternative earth where animals have been genetically altered to be human while retaining, to various degrees, their animal appearances and nature. …

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Review: The Digitally Divided Self by Ivo Quartiroli

This book begins with blurbs from some very heavy hitters, and some of my favorite writers, on the subject of new media – writers like Douglas Rushkoff and Erik Davis.  Erik Davis, in particular, writes on the more-esoteric take on the rise of technology, in books like Techgnosis. …

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Review: Dancing with Duality by Stella Vance

Once in a while you stumble across a person who’s actually lived the life some have fantasized about but never had the courage to pursue. Stella Vance is one of those. She’s lived and worked in several countries all over the globe, enjoyed searching through myriad philosophies and religions of life, and experienced love in a number of satisfying, if not all permanent, relationships.…

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Review: Patient Zero by Jim Beck

Just when I thought that the zombie subgenre had reached a saturation point, Jim Beck comes along with Patient Zero and proves that a clever idea can take an old idea and provide fresh flesh for hungry readers.

No pun intended.…

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Review: The Wicked Wives by Gus Pelagatti

A true story from Philadelphia in 1938 that puzzled the police.

Lovers, drugs, gangs, the mafia, secret meetings, big insurance policies, dead husbands….that is what the Wicked Wives were made of.

These wives had many things in common and one of them was planning how to murder their husbands and not get caught so they could collect the insurance money.…

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