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The American Book Release

In an interview I recently did with the Creative Penn, Joanna Penn asked how I used the Self-Publishing Review to market myself.  Beyond the footer which contains links to my books at the bottom of each post, I haven’t done a lot of plugging my own books in the posts. …

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Finders, Seekers, Losers, Keepers by Heather Rolland

Finders, Seekers, Losers, Keepers is a friendly, low-key novel that reads like a cross between a slightly obsessive diary and the script for a melancholy sitcom. The cover is positively adorable, the author photo oozes cheery goodwill, and the café flyer illustrations do a great job at setting the mood and making you feel like a part of the small community that lies at the heart of the novel.…

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Page One Review – Eyeleash by Jess C. Scott

This first page of Jess C. Scott’s Eyeleash falls flat, and here’s why: the use of shortened language (“abt”), the suggestion that I’m about to read a series of random blog entries with no particular movement in any direction (“Rants raves and everything else”), and the immediate introduction to a narrator who believes her blog and herself are interesting enough to warrant warnings about sharing the material, which usually means the entries won’t actually be that interesting – or, not as interesting as the author suspects.…

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Search for Philip K. Dick by Anne Dick

There might be an impulse when seeing a book like this to think that it’s only for completists.  I say this as a Philip K. Dick fanatic who would read a collection of his grocery lists.  I’ve read a lot about and by Philip K.…

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Drift by Sarah San Angelo

As readers we tend to have a hidden agenda as we pore over the words of a new story. Sometimes we just want to be wowed or possibly brought to our knees. There are times when we want exactly what we just had either in another story or by another author.…

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Terra Nova: The Search by Nathan Charlton

From the back cover of Terra Nova: The Search

In a small central California town, a seismologist working for the United States Geological Survey has made a terrifying discovery. A recent seismic phenomenon is predicting global volcanic activity that threatens to wipe mankind from the face of the earth.

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Page One Review: Drift by Sara San Angelo

I live in Tennessee, so there’s much in Sara San Angelo’s opening page of Drift that has me thinking, “Oh, yeah. Yep. It’s just like that.” The suffocating heat, the weeds and shrubs and dirt roads. The cow fields and the horses.…

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