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Darc Ages by A.R. Yngve

Guest reviewed by Susan Helene Gottfried, a writer interested in music-related self-published books.  She’s the author of Shapeshifter: The Demo Tapes — Year 1: “A band’s demo tape is intended to introduce listeners to their music. Likewise, this collection of short pieces allows readers into the fictional world of Trevor Wolff and his band, ShapeShifter.”  Check out her books and other output at

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Page One Review: The List by Carmen Shirkey

The List by Carmen Shirkey identifies itself fairly quickly as chick-lit (light, upbeat fiction marketed toward young women). I point this out only because I don’t read much (any) chick lit, these days, so I was hesitant, at first, to critique the page.…

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Commercial Break by Keith Harmeyer

There’s no reason this novel should not be traditionally published.  The only reason I could surmise is that maybe there were a number of novels surrounding the advertising industry coming out at the same time.  I have to plead ignorance that I have not read a lot of novels about ad execs. …

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Spam & Eggs by Andrew Kent

I don’t know why the private eye genre is not more used more often – not in crime novels, but in general fiction. Most any book is an investigation – with the writer acting as a sort of investigator into the lives of his or her characters. …

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