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Agony Hill by Roger Saltsman

Agony Hill by Roger Saltsman is a novel of redemption. Eric Roberts is teen-age distance runner whom we first meet running Agony Hill on a bitter New Year’s Day with his best friend Mary Klein. The two young people are good friends, although Eric tries Mary’s patience frequently with his competitiveness and obsession about becoming the best distance runner in the state.…

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East Garrison by G.M. Weger

The more self-published books I read, the more despondent I get over the state of what now appears to pass for “writing” in general. With some (OK, most) of these books, you are sometimes forced to wonder if it isn’t a case of reader bias brought about by shoddy packaging.…

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The Secret in the Forest by Sheila Adam McIntyre

The concept that “Writers should show, not tell,” may be a bit  overused. The basic premise of show don’t tell is that you can better inspire empathy for a character if you shows what a particular moment feels like, rather than just saying: He was sad. …

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The Principle of Ultimate Indivisibility by Brent Robison

There is nothing that separates this book from a book on a small independent press. Nothing. The cover is exquisite, the writing is crisp, well-edited, and moving. It’s not perfect, but none of my criticisms have anything to do with the professionalism of the book.…

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The First Atheist by Eric Polfliet

The cover blurb on this novel says, “…one of the most interesting and well-written books I’ve read in sometime [sic] – Sort of like The Da Vinci Code and just as disturbing. A ‘must read’ for anyone…” – Kaye Trout’s Book Reviews.…

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Winter Games by John Lacombe

Winter Games is a thriller, a “gripping tale of military cover-ups and international crime,” according to the description on the back cover. The novel blurs the edges between science fiction and thriller with the use of a female, and very helpful, robot named Sarah who comes to the aid of the human protagonist, Tim Sutton.…

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