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Stratagem by Jacques Vallee

I have a deep interest in UFO’s.  Gearing up to write the book I’m currently working on (which I’m going to self-publish) I read a lot about the UFO phenomenon.  It amazed me that something with such profound implications is not taken seriously. …

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The Owl in Daylight by Tessa Dick

Last week, I got the most amazing submission yet at the Self-Publishing Review. Tessa Dick, last wife and widow of Philip K. Dick – author of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, the basis for the movie “Blade Runner, the short-story, “Minority Report,” and many others – submitted a novel for review and request for an interview.…

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Luggage By Kroger by Gary Taylor

Remember the movie “Fatal Attraction”?  And the movie “Basic Instinct”?  And the movie “Play Misty For Me”?  Toss all three of the movies in a blender, hit frappe and stand back.  What comes out would be Gary Taylor’s new book – Luggage By Kroger.…

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Broken Bulbs by Eddie Wright

One of the interesting things about buying a book site unseen on the internet is that when the book arrives it can be much different than what you might have pictures. How many people check the dimensions of a book before buying it?…

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The Aquarius Key by Keith Rowley

I’m a bit loathe to be critical of this book because I sought out the book myself – convincing the author to send out a book at his own expense, rather than an author doing that voluntarily.  But of course it wouldn’t speak to well about the objectivity of these reviews if I was totally biased.…

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Chion by Darryl Sloan

Interestingly, this book arrived with the stamp of the International Print on Demand award, given out by Podler reviews. It’s a good example of putting a book award to good use. The Podler award is not the biggest award for self-published books (read SPR’s post on self-published book awards) but no one who picks up this edition of Chion will know the difference – they’ll only see that is was stamped with an award.…

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