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The Pig and the Box by MCM

Yes, this is a kid’s story, but it’s about a serious topic, Digital Rights Management, so I want to use this review to talk about DRM, which hasn’t yet been covered in great detail by the site.

The basic mood from more progressive thinkers is that DRM is a flawed principle.…

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Prelude to a Super Airplane by Brian Spaeth

Brian Spaeth has possibly written the snarkiest book ever written. Normally I don’t like much snark because it seems to be unserious for fear of being sincere, but Prelude to a Super Airplane is actually laugh-out-loud funny. Another thing I don’t like is the phrase LOL because it’s so overused, but I really did LOL at this book, and it takes a lot to make that happen.…

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Daywalker by Rebecca Rock

There’s no escaping the fact that vampires are a hot topic, and the recent success of the Twilight series has triggered a flood of new material featuring these sullen, fanged protagonists.

Virginia author Rebecca Rock has entered the fray with Daywalker, a novel about Jesse, a half-vampire raised by humans after the death of his parents.…

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God’s Thunderbolt: The Vigilantes of Montana by Carol Buchanan

Montana has always fascinated me for strange reasons.  Partly because there’s an alien quality to its physical beauty, as if a piece of Mars or Saturn had been towed in by some alien spacecraft millions of years ago.  Once it was dropped off, the shipping manifest got lost and the aliens forgot about it. …

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