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The Aquarius Key by Keith Rowley

I’m a bit loathe to be critical of this book because I sought out the book myself – convincing the author to send out a book at his own expense, rather than an author doing that voluntarily.  But of course it wouldn’t speak to well about the objectivity of these reviews if I was totally biased.…

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Chion by Darryl Sloan

Interestingly, this book arrived with the stamp of the International Print on Demand award, given out by Podler reviews. It’s a good example of putting a book award to good use. The Podler award is not the biggest award for self-published books (read SPR’s post on self-published book awards) but no one who picks up this edition of Chion will know the difference – they’ll only see that is was stamped with an award.…

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To My Senses by Alexandrea Weis

I should preface this review by saying that I am not the audience for this novel. I’ve never read an entire romance novel. I’ve picked books up to see what the writing was like and was fairly amazed at how pornographic the writing can be – so that’s what people are reading.…

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The Hidden Layer by Chris Nordberg

Guest Reviewed by The Podler.

A digital oracle meant to predict the movements of the stock market, a man obsessed with finding why his brother had been killed in China in the 1980s, and a computer wizard cross paths when the system malfunctions and starts spitting out predictions of terrorist attacks.…

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Heroes' Day by Jesse Gordon

For anyone who thinks that self-published novels are a jumble of poor language and half-thought ideas should take a look at this novel.  It’s professionally-written, professionally designed.  The cover is sharp, and proof that you don’t need an expensive illustration to have a pro-quality cover. …

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Homefront by Kristen Tsetsi

There’s something about discovering a great self-published novel that’s different than discovering a novel that’s traditionally published, no matter how small the press. On the hand, you’re happy to have found something good, on the other hand you think, “Why did this have to be self-published?” For anyone who thinks that if a book is great it will find a publisher is just wrong and Kristen Tsetsi’s Homefront is the perfect example.…

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Futureproof by Frank Daniels

Futureproof is a self-publishing success story.  Begun as a Lulu book, it is set to be released by Harper Perennial this month.  For anyone looking to promote a self-published novel, N. Frank Daniels is proof that aggressive marketing of a self-published novel can reap rewards – and getting a book out into the world can lead to good things. …

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