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Review: Intrinsic by Jerry Collins

★★★★ Intrinsic

Jatara is a powerful and of course, beautiful and magical Kali-like goddess who can destroy men and cities in a moment. Her war of terror spans Ancient Greece, Egypt and the slaves of the Pyramids where her humble beginnings are revealed, to modern-day New York, with her dark magician son Kragon taking on the power of the nastiest demons to conquer all men, despite having a mortal, pregnant girlfriend.…

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Review: Nannion by Andreas Androutsellis-Theotokis

★★★★ Nannion

Everyone loves a cat story, and Nannion by Andreas Androutsellis-Theotokis  features the eponymous off-white street cat in a surprising science fiction tale of earth sciences and Greek history. Although not a story for children (Nannion, the cat’s namesake, was in fact a prostitute in Ancient Greece) there is a childlike quality to the narration that makes the cat’s relationship with Claire, a lonely and dying marine biologist working in the Aegean Sea around Athens and the island of Dioptra, cozy reading.…

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Review: The Will by Benjamin Laskin

★★★★ The Will by Benjamin Laskin

When Josh McCain’s father dies, all signs point to this young man inheriting a fortune and continuing in his irresponsible, hedonistic and self-serving lifestyle, but his father has other plans in store. In The Will, a unique new novel from Benjamin Laskin, readers are introduced to a stereotypical playboy, with a Bruce Wayne-level of cockiness and untouchability, only to see it stripped away by a clever father with a vision of what his son’s life could be.…

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Review: The Custodian Chronicles, Volume 1 by Tim Will Hunting

★★★★ The Custodian Chronicles, Volume 1 by Tim Will Hunting

Seeing the world through a new pair of eyes is what reading is all about, but when turning the pages of the Custodian Chronicles, Vol. 1 by Tim Hunting, you might want to wear safety goggles. This custodian, writer, philosopher and hilarious observer of the human condition gives readers a rare peek into the world of education by walking a mile in his shoes – those of a custodian at an elementary school.…

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Review: Maybe God Is An American by Bernie Donnelly

★★★★ Maybe God Is An American by Bernie Donnelly

Following the thrilling events of Maybe God Was an Irishman, author Bernie Donnelly brings readers back to the surreal premise of a 21st century Second Coming, where there is still much work to be done, in Maybe God Is An American.…

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Review: Breaking the Fourth Wall by Michelle Sevigny

★★★★★ Breaking the Fourth Wall by Michelle Sevigny

“Even with ropes, a fall in the wrong place could be fatal.” So reads the guidebook for the trail that author/adventuress Michelle Sevigny traverses.

After confronting some painful events in her middle years, most recently the loss of her beloved dog to cancer, Sevigny seeks comfort through her longtime enjoyment of hiking.…

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Review: Among the Branded by Linda Smolkin

★★★★ Among the Branded by Linda Smolkin

Finding hidden treasures in forgotten relics of the past is a romantic notion that has played out in countless books and films, yet the thrill of the mystery never seems to lessen. In Among the Branded, a new novel by author Linda Smolkin, readers are thrown into a slowly unfurling mystery surrounding a sheaf of “Love Letters From the War.” Stephanie Britain, a bold and impulsive art director, is the narrator and focal character of the novel, as well as the person who stumbles across the love letters at a flea market.…

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