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Review: My Kill Play: When a Virus Hijacked the Roller Derby by Tim Patten

★★★★ My Kill Play: When a Virus Hijacked the Roller Derby by Tim Patten

Roller derby, in its modern form, has been a cult phenomenon across the world. A thrilling and dangerous sport, it has evolved from childhood pastime to a spectacular arena of courage and cunning on-wheels. My Kill Play: When A Virus Hijacked the Roller Derby is a personal account of author Tim Patten’s experiences with the sport, as childhood hobbyist to professional, and the way his life and those around him changed throughout the late 20th Century during one of the most infamous first-world medical crises of the past forty years.…

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Review: Shredded by Charles O’Donnell

★★★★★ Shredded by Charles O'Donnell

With a splash of Orwellian dystopia and a frighteningly timely plot, Shredded, the new novel from Charles O’Donnell, challenges the creature comforts we have come to love in our newly digitized world, and poses a terrifying question: What if privacy could be completely erased?…

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Review: Skip’s Legacy by Edward “Skip” Biron

★★★★ Skip's Legacy by Edward "Skip" Biron

It is the dream of most people to live a life worth writing stories about. In Skip’s Legacy, a memoir by Edward “Skip” Biron, readers are introduced to a remarkable man and his fast-paced, spontaneous and impactful life. The details that the author remembers from more than 5 decades of life make for an exceptional read, as though this were a journal, rather than a memoir.…

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Review: The Authority (The Charismatics Book 2) by Ashley R. Carlson

★★★★★ The Authority

In The Authority, the second book by Ashley R. Carlson in the Charismatics series, steampunk, science fiction and fantasy collide in an unforgettable adventure of magic, intrigue, destiny, and a potentially collapsing universe.

Picking up directly where the first book left off, readers find themselves amid the wreckage of the dirigible crash where Duchess Ambrose and her rag-tag bunch of compatriots are choosing what to do next.…

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Review: Faete (The Blood Moon Series Book 1) by Aimée Oswald Sellars

★★★★ Faete (The Blood Moon Series) by Aimee Sellars

Renny McGuire is the last in a long line of proud seanachies – storytellers of the “old country.” She carries the tales her grandfather once told – stolen from the hall closet when he would wax on at the dinner table late at night – and she continues the tradition with her late night readings at her mother’s Celtic bookstore, Seanachie.…

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