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Review: It Feels Good to Feel Good by Cheryl Meyer

★★★★ It Feels Good to Feel Good: Learn to Eliminate Toxins, Reverse Inflammation and Feel Great Again

In It Feels Good to Feel Good: Learn to Eliminate Toxins, Reduce Inflammation and Feel Great Again, author and health coach Cheryl Meyer has lived through her own process of eliminating toxins to address her autoimmune system’s issues, and she has now set out a clear pathway for others to follow.…

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Review: The Little Green Wagon by M. D. Carter

★★★½ The Little Green Wagon by M. D. Carter

Homelessness is often the result of a long series of mishaps and misfortunes; M. D. Carter, author of The Little Green Wagon:  A Book of Journeys, chose homelessness as a way of encountering the verities of life.

Struggling with addiction in his early twenties, alienated and alone, Carter thought of suicide as his only solution.…

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Review: Swollen Identity (McCall & Company Book 2) by Rich Leder

★★★★½ Swollen Identity

Swollen Identityby Rich Leder is the second book in the electric McCall & Company series about Kate McCall, who’s inherited a PI company from her murdered father, and reluctantly takes the reins. Moonlighting as a way-off Broadway actress starring in a series of absurd musicals, Book 2 finds socialite Brooke Barrington walking into her living room, who claims to have had her identity stolen, as well as stealing a kiss…

This leads to a complex, but still breezingly entertaining case, where Kate has to contend with Brooke’s deranged twin sister Bailey, who wants to murder her sister and who’s in trouble with international counterfeiters, a businessman who’s murdered in the same manner as her father, and the Bulgarian mob landing on her doorstep.…

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Review: The Quieting West by Gordon Gravley

★★★★ The Quieting West

The Quieting West is a quick-moving novel set against the backdrop of the Wild West. It follows the parallel lives of two cowboys, Thomas and Billy, who find themselves unexpectedly swept up into the world of Hollywood as the more conventional work for cowboys dries up.…

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Review: Muldooneys and Me: A Memoir by Marlene P. Naicker

★★★★½ Muldooneys and Me: A Memoir by Marlene P. Naicker

Designer, entrepreneur, survivor – all these characterize fashion maven Marlene P. Naicker, author of the emotive memoir, Muldooneys and Me.

Naicker’s fascinating autobiography begins with her defeat, in high school, in a significant track meet, effectively ending her hopes of an athletic career, but she adapted a family trait to “push the limits.”

Never intending to become a designer, her now-famous brand, Muldooneys, became “airborne” when she saw, at a London fashion show, that there was a need for a brand of accessible luxury leather accessories.…

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Review: Hiding in Third Person by Phil Bradley

★★★★★ Hiding in Third Person by Phil Bradley

Hiding in Third Person is a riveting coming-of-age tale by talented author, Phil Bradley. It sucks in the reader from the very first paragraph and doesn’t let go.

Ricky is a young orderly at the Cumberland County Asylum for the Mentally Ill, which he jokingly refers to as Cumberland County Psycho Spa and Dude Ranch.…

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