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Review: Keiko by Bernie Donnelly

Keiko by Bernie Donnelly

When life slips into a deep, spiraling rut, pulling yourself out can be difficult, but it always helps when an exotic and unexpected stranger falls into your path. In Keiko by Bernie Donnelly, two people from opposite sides of the world find one another and find a fresh spark of possibility for happiness.…

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Review: He Who Leads by M.A.N.

★★★ He Who Leads

The Akachi clan has a new leader, as Amare has taken the title of chief after the death of his father. No sooner has he accepted the role than problems begin to multiply. There are questions of succession to contend with, demons lurking in the night, and the basic needs of the clan to see to.…

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Review: Revelations 12:12 by David de Freitas

Revelations 12:12

Blending family tragedy with possible Satanic forces and a brutal homicide makes for an exciting premise in Revelations 12:12 by David de Freitas. Through careful storytelling and a healthy dose of suspense, this novel is a slow-burning thriller with enough twists to keep even veteran readers guessing.…

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Review: Sky of Dreams by Robert A. Cozzi

Sky of Dreams by Robert A. Cozzi

Award-winning poet and writer Robert A. Cozzi has brought to the page an emotive collection that will warm the heart and challenge the mind in Sky of Dreams. The poems follow themes and motifs that Cozzi’s previous works have touched upon, such as lost chances, romance, and the wonder of his environment, using touchstones of senses, nature, and light to describe his feelings.…

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Review: The Chief and His Marine by B.A. Sherman

★★★★ The Chief and His Marine by B.A. Sherman

Few can understand the horrors of war if they have never put their lives on the line for their country, but the family members of soldiers have an intimate knowledge of that stress and pain. In The Chief and His Marine, author B.A.…

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Review: It’s All Coming Back: On Love After the War by Jon Kahn

★★★★ It Is All Coming Back - On Love After The War By Jon Kahn

When Anne-Marie and Helmut marry in London just a year after World War II, they are young, in love, and glad to be finally free of the deep tragedy Hitler had brought to Europe. Swedish Anne-Marie is sweet, educated, and emancipated, but Helmut is from Germany, and Jewish.…

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Review: Soul Census by AJ Vega

★★★★ Soul Census by AJ Vega

Finding purpose after a life-changing event is something to which all readers can relate, and such is the fate of WWI veteran Willem Maddock, feeling the sense of despondency and alienation following the impossible tragedy of war. However, in Soul Census, written by AJ Vega, the story delves much deeper than a standard novel about post-war America.…

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