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Review: Water and Air by Neill

★★★★★ Water by Neill

We all wish to have the strength to find our own inner happiness and the peace we require to survive and thrive. However, there are times in life when we need a nudge in the right direction, or a calming whisper in our ear.…

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Review: Wolf River Dreams by Patrick Sarver

★★★★ Wolf River Dreams by Patrick Sarver

Still reeling from the tragic loss of his girlfriend in an accident in which he was driving, Jesse Hawkins has taken to the road, hoping to exorcise his demons while exploring the endless west on his motorcycle. However, every road comes to an end, and when Jesse finally returns home, he finds that the demons are more real than ever.…

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Review: Love Letters by Shaun Locke

★★★½ Love Letters by Shaun M. Locke

In Love Letters by Shaun Locke, the narrator is one of the wordiest protagonists in English literature, and he’s supposed to be. After introducing himself through an archaic tide of words, the narrator’s strange and sordid tale begins.

The narrator’s words continue to stretch the mundane into obscenely long sentences as the story unfolds.…

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Review: City of Angels by K. Patrick

★★★★ City of Angels by K. Patrick

City of Angels by K. Patrick commands a reader’s immediate attention with a riveting story about the triumph of the human spirit.

Almost eighteen years old, Michael Connolly is a product of the Los Angeles child services system after the untimely death of his beloved father and sister had sent his mother on a downward spiral into depression and suicide seven years earlier.…

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Review: Past Obsession by Richard Keith Taylor

★★★★ Past Obsession by Richard Keith Taylor

In Past Obsession by Richard Keith Taylor, a number of surprising twists, and an entertaining hero, make this novel stand out from other books in the genre. Taylor creates a powerful mood throughout the novel, and readers will be inevitably drawn into this time travel thriller that doubles as a shadowy L.A.…

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Review: Sanction by William Hunter

★★★★½ Sanction by William Hunter

Sean Garrett is a British agent on an unsanctioned assignment to retrieve intelligence from a distinguished Cambridge professor, Mohammad Ahmad. It’s not all for the job – Garrett has his suspicions about his target’s involvement in a terror attack that claimed his grandfather’s life and his sister’s health.…

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Review: iDENTITY by Cynthia Kumanchik

★★★★ iDENTITY by Cynthia Kumanchik

iDENTITY by Cynthia Kumanchik brings the reader into a future that feels like it could be any town, state, or country around the world. Set around 2040, a time when science can make you whatever you would like to be, iDENTITY follows a group of hand-picked citizens through their journey of becoming their ultimate self with the help of a little green pill and some sketchy scientists, who don’t seem to be telling the whole truth abut the project.…

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Review: Clear Quiet Mind: Four Simple Steps to Deep Inner Peace by Kevin Schoeninger

★★★★ Clear Quiet Mind: Four Simple Steps to Deep Inner Peace

In Clear Quiet Mind: Four Simple Steps to Deep Inner Peace, author Kevin Schoeninger provides techniques for relaxation, overcoming negativity, and welcoming new opportunities in life.

A life coach and personal trainer, Schoeninger brings an impressive degree of expertise and experience to the book, which helps elevate it over self-help books of its kind, as the book feels in part like undertaking one of his personal training sessions.…

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