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Review: Tide Pool of Words by Robert A. Cozzi

★★★★ Tide Pool of Words

Tide Pool of Words: Prose and Poetry from a Beach Chair Storyteller by Robert A. Cozzi is a collection of poetic musings with a general theme of the seashore and the ocean. Decorated with simple seashell designs, each poem or prose piece talks romantically about days at the seaside with loved ones.…

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Review: Living Love: The Yoga of Yama & Niyama by Maetreyii Ma

★★★★½ Living Love: The Yoga of Yama & Niyama

There are many different reasons to practice yoga – for health and wellness, as a means of stress relief, or as a larger part of a spiritual belief system and path for your life. In Living Love: The Yoga of Yama and Niyama, author Maetreyii Ma takes readers on a journey through the self, blending yogic philosophy with practical techniques to help increase happiness, energy and personal power.…

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Review: The Policewoman by Justin W.M. Roberts

★★★★ The Policewoman by Justin Roberts

Most novels set in the future have some element of distance to them, where the technological advancement or dystopian elements are so far removed from the present that the book becomes escapist in nature. However, there are also those books, like The Policewoman by Justin Roberts, that paint a portrait of the world that may lie in our not-so-distant future.…

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Review: Born in Raindrops by Danny Callahan

★★★★ Born in Raindrops by Danny Callahan

When writing a novel, there is a clear beginning, middle and end, and most authors have a vision of what that overall arc will be. However, poetry is an entirely different world, and curating a powerful collection with an underlying message or mood can be an incredible challenge.…

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Review: Kingdom’s End by Charles D. Blanchard

★★★★ Kingdom's End by Charles Blanchard

Anthropomorphizing animals in literature is a long and proud tradition, ranging from Watership Down and Animal Farm to the Redwall novels of Brian Jacques, and many others. That being said, it is also very difficult to create an engaging novel based purely on the perspective of animals, and most attempts at this are relegated to the realm of children’s books.…

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