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Review: From Within the Firebird’s Nest by Sheldon Charles

★★★★ From Within the Firebird's Nest by Sheldon Charles

From Within the Firebird’s Nest by Sheldon Charles is a timely story of simmering grudges from the Cold War era carrying over into America’s conflicts with international terrorism.

The story centers around the Crimson Firebird Initiative, a secretive Soviet bioweapons program controlled by a rogue ex-KGB agent.…

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Review: This Was Never About Basketball by Craig Leener

★★★★★ This Was Never About Basketball

Coming of age and basketball combine in Craig Leener’s thoroughly entertaining YA novel, This Was Never About Basketball.

Seventeen-year-old Ezekiel “Zeke” Archer lives and breathes basketball and has managed to land a full basketball scholarship to the University of Kansas…until an unsportsmanlike punch and a subsequent brawl gets Zeke and his two best friends, Curtis and Stretch, unceremoniously expelled and finishing high school at Ernest T.…

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Review: Beloved Bone of My Bones-Rapturing Love by Myrline Pierre Fils

★★★★ Beloved Bone of My Bones-Rapturing Love

In her debut New Adult novel, Beloved Bone of My Bones-Rapturing Love, Myrline Pierre Fils tells an engaging story of the complications that arise after love at first sight.

Anna-Marie Henry has been accepted to San Mollan University on a full scholarship, and she’s secretly thrilled to be leaving Boston and her domineering father behind for the warmer climes of California.…

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Review: The Court of Crusty Killings: A Captain Space Hardcore Adventure by Michael Ronson

★★★★ The Court of Crusty Killings

In the realm of the surreal, silly, and downright hilarious, The Court of Crusty Killings by Michael Ronson is an unexpected delight, packed with more tongue-in-cheek humor than one book should ever hold.

Captain Space Hardcore is a character torn from sci-fi pulp thrillers of an older age, but the sharp wit and unique personality of this unforgettable leading man makes him eternally contemporary.…

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Review: Amballore Thoma by Jose Thekkumthala

★★★★ Amballore Thoma by Jose Thekkumthala

Thoma and his wife Ann have a hard life, and many, many children, in a world that is also fantastically surreal. In Amballore Thoma by Jose Thekkumthala, fabulism twines with magic realism and surrealism as the poverty-stricken family meets werewolves, Chicken Little, Old Man Monsoon, an eight-armed woman, and more.…

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Review: Srepska by Lucas Sterling

★★★★ Srepska by Lucas Sterling

In a world ravaged by international turmoil and uncertainty for the future, author Lucas Sterling presents Srepska, an intense and politically charged novel that is both timely and terrifying.

Fredric is a German intelligence agent that becomes embroiled in the search for Srepska, a mysterious organization that is a cross between organized crime and a global cabal.…

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Review: CBT Worksheets for Anxiety (2nd Edition) by Dr. James Manning & Dr. Nicola Ridgeway

★★★★ CBT Worksheets for Anxiety

Dr. James Manning and Dr. Nicola Ridgeway once again provide their expertise on mental health in an update to one of their first books, CBT Worksheets for Anxiety. A revised manual, this book is an all-purpose guide to “CBT,” short for “Cognitive behavioral therapy.” This is a type of psychological therapy designed to alleviate anxiety, as well as other psychological issues.…

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