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Review: This Gospel of the Kingdom by Ricardo Taylor

★★★★ This Gospel of the Kingdom by Ricardo Taylor

Preacher and author Ricardo Taylor explains the difference between commonly conceived facts about the mission of Jesus, and the truths he sees clearly stated in the Bible, in This Gospel of the Kingdom: Heaven’s Reign over the Earth.

Taylor is convinced from his studies that the often-predicted apocalypse so many Christians believe is imminent has, in fact, already occurred.…

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Review: Terra 12: Paradise Found by Ryan Baxter

★★★½ Terra 12: Paradise Found by Ryan Baxter

Given the present situation on our planet, more and more eyes are turning to space as a possible escape from Earth’s rising temperatures. In Terra 12: Paradise Found, author Ryan Baxter paints a remarkably clear picture of one possible future, as well as the dire situation Earth finds itself 300 years from now.…

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Review: The Moonshine Wars: Or My Life in Kincaid, Georgia by Terry Lee Kincaid III

★★★½ The Moonshine Wars

While it is easy to look at the post-Civil War era through a historical and objective lens, the stories of the families who lived through those times are also fascinating, and vitally important. In The Moonshine Wars: Or My Life in Kincaid, Georgia, author Daniel Micko invites readers to get to know one particular Southern family, and takes the time to tell their strange side of the American story.…

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Review: Emboozlement (McCall & Company Book 3) by Rich Leder

★★★★½ Emboozlement (McCall & Company Book 3)

Emboozlement is Rich Leder’s third novel in the excellent McCall & Company series. Kate McCall, an off-off Broadway actress has inherited her dad’s private investigator business, and now finds herself embroiled in a possible embezzlement scheme at a popular sports bar run by a former Major Leaguer, while somebody is murdering lawyers – who may just be her father’s killer – and somebody is letting her know about the murders ahead of time.…

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Review: Rented Souls by Eirik Moe Dahll-Larssøn

★★★★½ Rented Souls

What if all the ghost stories and paranormal events that happened in the world weren’t the result of hoaxes and overactive imaginations? What if otherworldly events and creatures do exist, but science simply hasn’t advanced to the point of understanding what they are?…

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Review: Theologia by Stephen Pippin

★★★★ Theologia by Stephen Pippin

A thought-provoking examination of major Christian tenets, Theologia by Stephen Pippin presents creative arguments for belief in Biblical truth.

The title means “the study of God,” and as author and evangelist Stephen Pippin reminds us numerous times, there was a time when he himself did not study God.…

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Review: Maddie & Sayara by Sanjyot P. Dunung

★★★½ Maddie & Sayara by Sanjyot P. Dunung

Maddie and Sayara meet the way many new friends do – enjoying their vacations. After their time together on the water slides and in the swimming pools, however, they return to vastly different worlds.

Maddie lives in an open society where the government does not enforce severe dress and behavioral restrictions.…

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