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Review: HARDBARNED! by Christopher J. Driver


In Hardbarned!: One Man’s Quest for Meaningful Work in the American South, an amusing and insightful memoir by Christopher J. Driver, readers are invited to commiserate with a hardworking American in a tough world, trying to pursue the happiness of writing over potential riches doing anything else.…

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Review: Sundown by Carl H. Mitchell

★★★★½ Sundown by Carl H. Mitchell

When the world stops working and the oil runs out, no one is exactly sure what sort of chaos will unfold, but author Carl H. Mitchell has a pretty good idea. Sundown: Engineering Gives the Devil a Sunburn is an ambitious and entertaining peek into what lies ahead for the world.…

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Review: Soul’s Fury by Sattar Memon

★★★★ Soul's Fury by Sattar Memon

Blending spirituality, philosophy, suspense and engaging literature can be a tricky challenge for some authors, as it can lean too far in either direction – pedantic prose to promote a belief system or a convoluted narrative that doesn’t espouse a clear message.…

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Review: Free Will Odyssey by Larry Kilham

★★★★ Free Will Odyssey by Larry Kilham

In Free Will Odyssey, author Larry Kilham imagines a not-too-distant future where humans are able to have complete control of their lives. By enhancing one’s free will, and preventing one’s body from dictating the choices you make, this new technology could usher in a new generation of human achievement and happiness.…

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Review: Sorcerers’ Dynasty by Stephen Perkins

★★★★★ Sorcerers' Dynasty

Sorcerers’ Dynasty by Stephen Perkins presents a wildly creative take on a world beyond our world, and the reality that has been obscured from mankind for eons. With an intrepid fringe reporter named Dan Sheraton on the case, this eternal secret just might finally see the light of day.…

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Review: Esperanza by Tommy Tutalo

★★★★ Esperanza by Tommy Tutalo

Understanding our identity, or at least tapping into our origins, is something that everyone can understand and relate to on some level. In Esperanza, an unforgettable novel by Tommy Tutalo, readers are welcomed into a strange and dangerous world – one of illegal immigrants, dangerous border crossings, FBI conspiracies, and a sinister criminal underworld that threatens to tear one young family apart.…

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Review: Blowback ’63 by Brian Meehl

★★★★ Blowback '63 by Brian Meehl

Overlapping timelines in different centuries, epic struggles of self-discovery, and enough fantasy thrills to make your head spin, Blowback ’63 by Brian Meehl is a roller-coaster of a novel, but also a clever and well-planned drama. Following on the heels of Blowback ’07, the first installment of this series, Meehl continues his era-jumping narration and sheds even more light on Arky and Iris, the enigmatic core of these novels.…

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Review: FAKE NEWS by David Hutter

★★★ FAKE NEWS by David Hutter

FAKE NEWS: Strange Historical Facts Reimagined in the World of Donald Trump is a brilliant piece of satire by David Hutter, a young author with a sharp tongue and a unique perspective on the world at large.

The book makes clear that politics has always made for a strange spectacle, and much of it seems downright unbelievable, even in comparison with today’s political circus.…

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