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Review: The Old Way Of Winter (The Nimedian Ways Book 1) by M.P. Goodwin

★★★★½ The Old Way Of Winter (The Nimedian Ways Book 1) by M. P. Goodwin

When House Kérbholán is destroyed, purged by enemies and allies alike, only Kérbholán Néit seems to have escaped with breath in his lungs. Assisted by a scant few trusted friends and holding the lone item left to carry his ancestry, Néit pursues understanding, revenge, and above all, survival in The Old Way of Winter by M.…

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Review: Fortune 69 by David Heath ★★★★

Fortune 69 by David HeathContent warning for depictions of suicide and sexual abuse.

On the Internet, there is a website that caters to every depraved and bizarre interest on the planet, mundane or otherwise. Like the Wild West of old, there are no rules, except that you never let what happens there cross into real life.…

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Review: Lazarus by Roderick Wood ★★★★★

Review: Lazarus by Roderick Wood Lazarus is the autobiography of Roderick Wood, a fairly typical Englishman spurred into committing his life story to paper after a sudden heart attack in February 2014. This random tragedy had caused him to be declared medically dead for 27 minutes before a successful resuscitation.…

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Review: Ephialtes by Gavin E. Parker ★★★★

Ephialtes by Gavin E. ParkerIn the middle of the 23rd Century, the foremost military power of Earth – the United States and Nations or “USAN” – has drawn conclusion to World War IV. In the wake of victory, there are events occurring on the single human colony of Mars: there are motions in the small colony for a claim to secede.…

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Review: Blind Thrust by Samuel Marquis ★★★★

Blind Thrust by Samuel MarquisA Blind Thrust is the term that describes an earthquake that occurs on a fault that is hidden from view – these sorts of earthquakes can be the most destructive – and here Marquis uses this as a metaphor in his thriller mystery of the same name, in the vein of Dan Brown, but instead of religion we get science, and instead of Langdon we meet a protagonist in the form of geologist Joe Higheagle, a man passionate about his work, and the environment.…

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Review: Nuclear Affairs by J. Albert Griffiths ★★★★

Nuclear Affairs by J. Albert GriffithsSet in 1952, Nuclear Affairs is the debut novel of author J. Albert Griffiths that explores the new and terrifying world of early post-nuclear global politics. As the US military struggles to understand and manage its own nuclear research in the first decade of the Cold War, the newly-formed United States Air Force bears numerous burgeoning roles in its struggle for legitimacy.…

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Review: Living Fulfilled by Lisa Thomas-McMillan ★★★★★

Living Fulfilled by Lisa Thomas-McMillanLiving Fulfilled: The Infectious Joy of Serving Others is Lisa Thomas-McMillan’s inspirational memoir about helping the plight of America’s hungry that is equal parts harrowing and uplifting. With a decidedly spiritual message, she tells of her life growing up impoverished in Alabama, settling down in Los Angeles, then traveling back to her hometown to help the plight of the poor.…

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