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Review: Death by Romance by Anne Kennison ★★★★★

Death by Romance by Anne KennisonDeath by Romance, by Anne Kennison, is a clever whodunit that’ll keep you turning the pages frantically to uncover the murderer.

The night Gordon Taylor, a prominent businessman and philanthropist, is murdered changes the lives of many people. Detective Ryan Hamlin is about to retire from the force when he’s handed this high-profile case.…

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Review: Major Frog by J. Albert Griffiths ★★★★

Major FrogMajor Frog, by J. Albert Griffiths, whisks readers back in time to the Vietnam War.

Charlie Albright had a short stint in the air force when he was younger. He’s older now, but is he wiser? He signs on to an Army contract and ends up in Vietnam during the war.…

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Review: The Dead Bank Diary by Anna Schlegel ★★★★

The Dead Bank Diary by Anna Schlegel The Dead Bank Diary by Anna Shlegel is an intense, true to life (maybe true!) look at the bank fraudsters of Russia in the 00s, at a point in history where the police and government of Moscow were deeply corrupt, and old money and new oligarchs were investing their riches in “pocket banks,” small private holdings run by provincial managers – this meant that banks could be bankrupted by one transaction from their richest customer, and bought out on debts from anyone else in a few hours, even people that had no real money, just by a little bit of trading and paperwork. …

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