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Review: Paralysis Paradox (Paradox Consecution Book 1) by Stewart Sanders

★★★★½ Paralysis Paradox by Stewart Sanders

Through a lens, and in remiss of time and space, four lives are lived in parallel. Four lives come together, and regardless of sense and argument, come to acknowledge their paradox: they live together, separately.

One lives as brother to the Count of Anjou, the next as a poor working boy, a third as a girl trapped by the unsaid, and the last, a machine.…

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Review: Somerflip: Based on a True Story… Witnessed by Drunks by Daley James Francis ★★★★★

Somerflip: Based on a True Story... Witnessed by Drunks by Daley James FrancisSet in the British East Midlands, the small town of Oatvale is blessed with miles of countryside, a long drive from anywhere of interest, and a smattering of no less than seven pubs, some more disreputable than others. Almost a zoo of local “characters”, the only kind of normal occupying the town is “a little bit odd”, and someone almost average can hardly escape at least a story of something extraordinary.…

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Review: The Shoes Come First by Janet Leigh

★★★★½ The Shoes Come First by Janet Leigh

The Shoes Come First: A Jennifer Cloud Novel, by Janet Leigh, is a lighthearted and laugh out loud historical fantasy and romance.

In Sunnyside, Texas, Jennifer Cloud has the perfect job as assistant purchasing manager for an upscale shoe store.…

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Review: Afterlife by Tim Gurung ★★★★

AfterlifeAfterlife by Tim Gurung follows Enos Bronte as he travels through the hereafter meeting many challenges along the way. He battles loneliness, isolation, barren landscapes, trapped souls, and other dark and disturbing visions as he attempts to navigate this difficult wilderness.…

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Review: Harebrained by Meg Myers Morgan

★★★★½ Harebrained

Harebrained: It seemed a good idea at the time is a delightfully humorous collection of essays by Meg Myers Morgan. The essays cover many aspects of motherhood, good and bad jobs, education (her own and her kids’), higher education, becoming a writer, and many more topics in spirited and engaging prose.…

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Review: Human by Den Holson ★★★★

Human by Den HolsonIn a time somewhere after 1952, and a place often known as Dundee, a man concludes the search for his mother’s grave, failing to find any remnant of a true piece of her being in her headstone and final remains, and thus giving up on his life-long quest.…

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Review: Murder Over Kodiak by Robin Barefield ★★★★

Murder Over Kodiak by Robin Barefield Murder Over Kodiak, by Robin Barefield, is a clever Alaskan-set mystery that will keep readers guessing until the final pages.

Research biologist Jane Marcus has a bad feeling when the floatplane she’s waiting for is late. On the plane is her young research assistant.…

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