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Review: The SHIVA Syndrome by Alan Joshua ★★★★★

The SHIVA Syndrome by Alan JoshuaBeau Walker is a man of unusual interests. When he’s not teaching at his local college, he enjoys rowing, he takes part in meditation, and he sometimes reads the odd paper on morphic fields, biotelekinesis, and remote genetic reorganization, something he has yet to give up on from his glory days of private research and the Air Force Research Institute.…

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Review: Glyphbinder by T. Eric Bakutis

★★★★½ glyphbinder

Glyphbinder, by T. Eric Bakutis, is a high-octane fantasy adventure novel.

At the age of thirteen Kara learned that her mother was dying. Five years later, Kara is close to compiling a cure for her mother. The final ingredient is in the city of Tarna.…

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Review: Spiritualized by Victor Levine ★★★★

SpiritualizedSpiritualized is a raucous rock and roll mystery, part of Victor Levine’s Spec Time Trilogy series of books, which follow the exploits of Jon Cells, an aspiring rock star (based on a real person and real musician). Spiritualized acts as a kind of prequel to Vaporized, taking place four years before, over four days in 1978.…

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