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Review: Shadows of Us by L. N. Nino ★★★★

Shadows of Us: A Novel by L. N. NinoIn the gated community of the financial elite that makes up the Commonwealth of Richford Isles, William Schoenhausen, a naïve teenage heir to the Bernhard Schoenhausen fortune and legacy, begins a new term at the prestigious Richtown University. Looking for a way to show himself as worthy, mostly through a cunning scheme of odds and academic adulation, his easy-street plans are quashed when the school’s most popular girl, Julia Rechstaadt, happens to enrol in the school’s least popular course, an enrollment chosen as key part of Will’s scheme of flattery.…

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Review: Lily’s Story by Don Gutteridge ★★★★★

Lily's StoryLily’s Story, by Don Gutteridge, shows the power of teaching history through the eyes of one woman.

Lily, born in the backwoods of Lambton County, Ontario, enters the world in 1840. Frontier living isn’t for the weak. But life has much more in store for Lily.…

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Review: Olga by Ted Kelsey ★★★★★

Olga by Ted KelseyOlga, written by Ted Kelsey and illustrated by Dillon Samuelson, is an exciting novel for children that will captivate readers of all ages.

Jack and Sally are typical twelve-year-olds who experience the most extraordinary journey when they see a strange figure dancing in a dark field near their homes. …

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Review: A Bed of Barley Straw by Sam Russell ★★★★

barleyA Bed of Barley Straw: Volume 1 of the Draymere Hall Series, by Sam Russell, delves into her characters’ minds exposing their innermost thoughts, fears, and desires.

Hettie Redfern tends the stables of Lord Melton’s English estate. A traumatic relationship left her scarred and mistrustful of men.…

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Review: Finally, For Me by Roseanne Burke ★★★★

Finally, For Me by Roseanne BurkeFinally, For Me, by Roseanne Burke, is the smoking hot start to the Finally Book Duo series.

Lacey Singer has uprooted her life after college and moved away from her family to live with her boyfriend. There’s one problem. Her boyfriend isn’t nice and is controlling.…

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