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Review: The Power of Courage by Charol Messenger

★★★★½ The Power of Courage by Charol Messenger

In The Power of Courage: An Uplifting Saga of Moving Beyond  Abuse by Charol Messenger, a memoir of an abusive relationship, Messenger takes us day by day through the twists and turns of an affair that turns very bad very quickly, becoming emotionally, psychologically, and physically dangerous.…

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Review: Bone Box by Jay Amberg ★★★★

bone_box_project_02Bone Box, by Jay Amberg, is a fast-paced religious thriller that will make many question not just their religious beliefs, but their personal beliefs as well.

On a hill overlooking the Aegean Sea in Turkey, a stone box is unearthed by an international team of archaeologists.…

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Review: Pit of Vipers by Millie Thom ★★★★★

pitofvipersPit of Vipers: Sons of Kings Book 2, by Millie Thom, continues the exciting story of Alfred of Wessex and Eadwulf of Mercia.

Eadwulf has returned to his homeland and has his heart set on exacting revenge on those who wronged him and his family.…

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Review: TZAK: How Time Travel Began by Cindy Shearer

TZAK - How Time Travel Began by Cindy ShearerTZAK – How Time Travel Began by Cindy Shearer is a futuristic novella about one girl’s experience with time travel in a post-apocalyptic America, set in Yucatan, Mexico.

Zola de Chichen, a Maya science student, tells of the times she has encountered time-travelers, and how she herself time travels once she reaches university, in a world where humans can breed their children with any kinds of looks or variants they choose.…

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