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Review: Activate Leadership by Jon Mertz ★★★★

activate Activate Leadership: Aspen Truths To Inspire Millennial Leaders by Jon Mertz sets out the confident and unusual philosophy that, due to the digital landscape, young leaders in business, known here as “Millennials” are connected like aspens on a ski slope, forever rooted together and never alone due to the Internet.…

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Review: Exit by Julian Boote ★★★★★

ExitExit, by Julian Boote, is a terrifying read that will keep you up well after your bedtime. And you might want to leave the lights on.

A group of thieves receive a frightening message during a midnight heist: The wage of sin is death.…

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Review: The Dissector by L. L. Spriggs ★★★★

The Dissector The Dissector, by L. L. Spriggs, is medical school mystery that will make most readers think twice the next time they see their doctor.

Dr. Sarah Whitley is ecstatic when she’s hired as an Assistant Professor of Anatomy in a prestigious medical school in New Orleans.…

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Review: Ancient by R Kane ★★★★

Ancient by R KaneAncient is no less than a telling of the classic story of Nosferatu – specifically Nosferatu, the once Alexander the Great – and his relationship with a young girl as he battles the Grand Lich Akhenaton and his werewolf warriors. A monster with a heart of gold, Alexander sets out into a new world after a century of supernatural rest, and with a little help from his friends – mortal and other – he might just find a way to get a life in this crazy world, as well as a solution to his old dues.…

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Review: The Seeker by Ditter Kellen ★★★★★

The SeekerThe Seeker: Five Book Box Set, by Ditter Kellen, is a deliciously sinful and thrilling collection that will leave many readers begging for more.

Ember Wells, a reporter, knows all too well how terror can change a person. For a year she was stalked by a serial killer known as The Seeker.…

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Review: A Mathematical State of Grace by Cathy McGough ★★★★

mathematicalA Mathematical State of Grace, a young adult dystopian novel by Cathy McGough, has a bit of everything going on in the story to keep the reader entertained.

Grace Greenway is a sixteen-year-old math whiz. Vincente Marino is a star high school athlete and the only time he gives Grace attention is when he needs to copy her math homework.…

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Review: Off the Grid: The Catalyst by Brian Courtney ★★★★

Off the Grid: The Catalyst by Brian CourtneyOff the Grid: The Catalyst by Brian Courtney is the account of a period of the life of Pan, a man self-exiled to a life of filth, often literal as well as social. By choice, he lives “off-the-grid,” waiting in quiet, medicated terror from the corporate horrors at play – as well as those still to come – for the ignorant American masses as terrible conspiracies come to fruition beneath the surface of America, and fray the fabric of free society.…

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