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Review: The Stranger Box by Pamela Cuming

the stranger boxThe Stranger Box, by Pamela Cuming, is a psychological thriller that is both shocking and entertaining. More importantly, it will keep readers turning the pages.

Eden is adopted by Carolyn and Robert Dengler. Their daughter, Samantha, loves to remind Eden that she’s adopted.…

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Review: Demon in the Window by Judah Swann

Demon in the Window by Judah SwannJericho Coleman is a typical enough six-year-old boy living with his parents in their old Victorian house. Typical enough, until the day his father descends into a brutal rage, killing his mother and chasing Jericho down. His salvation comes in a mysterious voice that calls to him, and with the striking of a deal, his father is found hanging in front of him, dead, by the clawed hand of a stranger.…

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Review: The Man I Love by Suanne Laqueur

the man i loveThe Man I Love is an incredible and emotional tale that pulls the reader into the pages and doesn’t let up until the end.

Erik Fiskare, a college freshman, is attracted to the world of theater. However, he prefers being backstage.…

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Review: Five Days Dead by James L. Davis

Five Days Dead by James L. DavisIn an uncertain future, humanity finally achieves its greatest technological breakthrough with cold fusion, and with the rise of growing political climates toward conservation, recedes into a technological utopia of the Hubs, interlinked cities across the world.

The decision of the majority of the population is solidified by the invention of the Link – a web-like virtual reality “Digiverse” – and the coming of the Rages, apocalyptic occurrences of unknown origin ranging from rapid climate changes to all animal life on the planet becoming wildly hostile to humans, and only humans.…

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Review: Dublin In The Rain by Andrew Critchley

Dublin In The RainDublin In The Rain weaves themes of love, redemption and devastation as those connected to a fatal accident in Dublin in 1947 are thrown together with sadness and romance, in this, the first book of a series by Andrew Critchley.

When Jonathan arrives in Dublin, he’s anxious and solemn due to traumatizing events that have left him empty.…

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Review: Everlast by Richard Bard

EverlastFasten your seatbelts, folks. Richard Bard’s newest release, Everlast, is a thrilling, fast-paced adventure that will make your head spin.

Everlast is the first in the Everlast Duology and is the follow-up series to Bard’s wildly successful Brainrush Trilogy.

Jake Bronson is back in another thriller that blends science fiction and cutting-edge technology into a whirlwind of a story that takes place on three continents.…

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Review: Just Two Weeks by Amanda Sington-Williams

just two weeksJust Two Weeks, by Amanda Sington-Williams, is a taut psychological thriller.

Jolene “Jo” Carr is in a fragile state of mind. Recently she was made redundant from a job she thought was secure. Dealing with this setback, she decides to go on vacation by herself when her partner, Mark, has to stay behind to work.…

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Review: Alliance.125: Hirunda by Raita Jauhiainen

hirundaAlliance.125: Hirunda is the first in Raita Jauhiainen ambitious science fiction series about a post-war dystopia called Gavialis. The city is broken up into seven circles, the first being the least prestigious, the seventh is the most. It is forbidden for people from the lower-caste circles to travel to the higher echelons of society.…

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