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Review: Everlast by Richard Bard

EverlastFasten your seatbelts, folks. Richard Bard’s newest release, Everlast, is a thrilling, fast-paced adventure that will make your head spin.

Everlast is the first in the Everlast Duology and is the follow-up series to Bard’s wildly successful Brainrush Trilogy.

Jake Bronson is back in another thriller that blends science fiction and cutting-edge technology into a whirlwind of a story that takes place on three continents.…

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Review: Just Two Weeks by Amanda Sington-Williams

just two weeksJust Two Weeks, by Amanda Sington-Williams, is a taut psychological thriller.

Jolene “Jo” Carr is in a fragile state of mind. Recently she was made redundant from a job she thought was secure. Dealing with this setback, she decides to go on vacation by herself when her partner, Mark, has to stay behind to work.…

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Review: Alliance.125: Hirunda by Raita Jauhiainen

hirundaAlliance.125: Hirunda is the first in Raita Jauhiainen ambitious science fiction series about a post-war dystopia called Gavialis. The city is broken up into seven circles, the first being the least prestigious, the seventh is the most. It is forbidden for people from the lower-caste circles to travel to the higher echelons of society.…

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Review: Toxic Intent by Mrig Trishna

Toxic Intent Toxic Intent is a fictional drama by Mrig Trishna about the professional ethics of individuals and the moral responsibilities of corporations.  The plot follows Dr. Meg Morgan, an exceptional young scientist working for Synergy Chemical Corporation, who has been contracted to synthesize new chemicals for a major consumer product company. …

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Review: Gated by Matt Drabble

GatedGated by Matt Drabble is a classic horror yarn inspired by such creepy tales as Stepford Wives and The Wicker Man. Set in a paradise of a gated community called Eden situated somewhere in the middle of nowhere on the East Coast, Emily and her husband Michael, a horror novel writer of some note, move from the UK to start again when a freak car accident kills their unborn baby.…

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Review: The Arrival by Dakota Kemp

The Arrival by Dakota KempThe Arrival (Ascension Book 1) is a fantasy epic by Dakota Kemp, and is the winner of the Full Moon Awards 2014 Fantasy Prize.

The book tells the story of several figures in the world of Vrold, where war has begun to tear its peoples apart when brutal attacks spring out and turn up tensions and open old wounds between city-states.…

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Review: The Lycetta Legacy by SJ Oaksley

lycetta legacyThe Lycetta Legacy, Book One, by SJ Oaksley is a clever new addition to the young adult fantasy genre.

Julia Lynch is a seventeen-year-old girl who thinks she has a normal life. Like most teens her age, she hates her part-time job and enjoys spending time with her friends.…

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Review: Suicide Lettres by Jack O’Riley

suicide lettresSuicide Lettres, a book of twenty short stories is the brilliant and dark debut by Fargo-based writer Jack O’Riley. Starting with an unbelievably imaginative and original tale, this is the showcase of a talented writer.

These stories are so unusual that they take the reader into a world of lives twisted and broken by their own doing, spirals that fall out of control with unfolding events.…

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