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Review: Venus Lionheart: The Witch and The God by Dino Costi

dino costiVenus Lionheart: The Witch and The God by Dino Costi is an action-packed Young Adult fantasy novel.

Venus Lionheart isn’t like the other kids in her small sleepy town. At the age of twelve she’s experiencing visions and out-of-body experiences. This troubles her.…

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Review: It’s Like Here Only Better by Robin Landry

It's Like Here Only Better by Robin LandryIt’s Like Here Only Better by Robin Landry is a telling of real events of a lost son whose inspiring messages from the afterlife continue to give his family and friends hope and comfort about his unexpected and devastating fate.

Landry describes how after her son Tim’s premature passing in a tragic traffic accident, he returned to his loved ones in their dreams in time to deliver news of his time on ‘the other side’, and how he continues to watch over those left behind, speaking of other loved ones, and passing advice down to his living associates.…

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Review: Want by Magus Tor

wantWant, by Magus Tor, is a Young Adult dystopian pageturner.

Aurelia Cole is only seventeen when the story starts. She’s just finished school and has been hired by Lunar City Hospital as a med worker. She’s bright, kind, scared, and ambitious.…

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Review: Cicero’s Dead by Patrick H. Moore

Cicero's DeadCicero’s Dead by Patrick H. Moore is hard-boiled Noir at its finest. The book introduces private investigator Nick Crane, who’s investigating the death of drug kingpin Cicero, a victim of a hit and run. His vixen-like daughter, Jade is searching for her brother, Richard, who’s now missing.…

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Review: Boysie Blake: Problem Solver by Max Myers

Boysie BlakeBoysie Blake: Problem Solver by Max Myers introduces fix-it man Boysie Blake, a complicated man with a tragic past who isn’t in it for the money. He’s a bit like a way tougher Batman without the gadgets. An amateur boxer, bar owner and general bad-ass, Boysie Blake will help deserving people in need. …

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Review: Wonderboy by Tom Conyers

Wonderboy by Tom ConyersThe year is 1975, and Jack Bennett is living with his parents and older brother in the Adelaide Hills of Southern Australia. Despite their problems, his family are good enough company most days, if not very trendy or well-off. Still, secretly, his greatest pastime remains make-believe, despite burgeoning adolescence threatening to dull his creative spark.…

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Review: Forty Bibles and Forty Dictionaries by Hae-Lyun Kang

Forty Bibles and Forty Dictionaries by Hae-Lyun KangForty Bibles and Forty Dictionaries is an autobiographical account of the lives of author Hae-Lyun Kang and her family: Korean, Catholic and middle-class, living in Sydney, from 1970 to the present. With an obsessive mother, a hard-pressing father, unusually-humored sisters, and a brother who fired two shots at Charles, Prince of Wales in January of 1994, Kang describes from her own perspective how she and her brother both grew into becoming who they are, and what may have lead her brother to the infamous circumstances in Sydney.…

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Review: Monster Squad: The Iron Golem by Christian Page

the iron golemThe Iron Golem by Christian Page is the first book in the Monster Squad series, an adventure tale of vintage superpowers for the children and young adult audience.

When Blaine Davis and her friends return from summer break for their seventh grade school year, they have no reason to suspect it will be anything more than a typical, homework filled bore. …

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